Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pregnancy Update: Week 26

Wow, I didn't realize it had been nine weeks since my last post. I just kept thinking that I was up to date :) So here is how my pregnancy is going thus far.....

Easter Picture: 23 weeks pregnant

The Baby:
This child is definitely growing...although not huge. At 25 weeks we had a high tech ultrasound (I will explain why in a minute) and the baby was in the 59% for weight. He/she was 1 lb 12 oz. According to weight the baby is 4 days ahead of schedule. Tony and I figured we would have a big baby (we were both big babies) but it looks like this may be an 8 pounder or not huge.

The baby was diagnosed with Single Umbilical Artery (SUA). 1% of kids have this. Baby's are suppose to have two arteries and a vien, ours has one of each. This was the reason for the high tech ultrasound. Everything looks very healthy though. It will have no affect on the baby after birth.

I went from never feeling this child kick to kicking all the time. Its really fun to feel. Its usually pretty active in the mornings (early in the mornings), sometime in the afternoon, and then after 6 or 7 at night. Should be an interesting sleep schedule once they are born.

Mommy:A picture on our trip to St. Louis (our pre baby bash). 22 weeks pregnant
I am doing pretty good. YES, the morning sickness is past, it was never really there actually (I think that is the most common question I get). I am definetely showing. I haven't had any strangers come and say any yet. However, several aquantances who may or may not of known have said things. Its becoming harder to get in and out of chairs and pick things up. Tony says I'm begining to wadle a bit (there is actually a medical reason behind that). The worst part about pregnancy....swollen everything. I have a lovely $8 ring on my finger and I have boxed up my beautiful diamond. I am also getting in the habit of propping my feet at night to get the nasty fluid off of them. Sometimes I really wonder if any more baby can fit inside of me.

Tony cooking steaks for his 21st Birthday. The grill was his birthday gift!
Tony is doing very well. He was playing w/ an 18 month old the other day and came back to announce that he could not wait to be a dad. I've asked him if he's scared and he says, suprisingly enough NO. I wish I could be as confindent. He enjoys feeling the baby kick. He was been very supportive and loving, as he unfortunatly takes most of the brunt of my mood swings. I told him to make sure that no one ever told him he wasn't doing enough for me...because he has gone above and beyond.
Tony with the hippos on our trip the St. Louis Zoo. We went in order to have one last get away before the baby come. I was definitely a fun and memorable experience.
Enjoying the hippos.
Life Updates:
We are moving in a week and a half. WooHoo! It will be down one building. Then we can get our crib (which we haven't seen) and changing table. I can't wait to get those ready for the baby. My nesting skills are in full force, so it will be fun to unleash them. We are also starting a garden soon.

Life until the baby arrives promises to be very busy. I start my internship around the same time we move. I'm also taking two courses and work 30 hours a week. I finish most of that by the end of July and hope to have a good week to rest before the baby comes. Tony is currently finishing up a semester of classes. He will begin roofing soon and is also looking for a second job. On top of that we have several weddings, my nephew is coming in June, and many other little things to accomplish. I'm hoping that keeping busy will keep me positive.

Together at the Missouri Botanical Gardens. My feet were dead by this point but it was definitely worth it.


Bob said...

Great update. Glad to hear things are well. We love you both.

Bob and Ingrid

David and Marianne said...

What a fun time in life you guys are going through!! I have so many precious memories of my 1st pregnancy, 1st birth and 1st baby at home : ) God is already preparing you for motherhood by the constant reminder that your life is not your own anymore. You and Tony will be wonderful parents... don't be too nervous, no one ever knows what they're getting into with parenting but GOD does and He will supply you with all wisdom, faith and endurance!

Janelle said...

Hey Heather,

How about another update! Please??? :)