Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Sorry for the silence.  Our computer died.  We tried everything we could to fix it before we resolved to order a new one.  The first one we order was out of stock (and it took us a week to find that out).  Today the second one we ordered arrived....hooray.  So I'll just share a few quick updates:

She is a spunky as ever.  Her age and I have a love hate relationship.  She is learning so much and is so fun.  However, she is quit opinionated and sometimes like to ignore "words".  She can give you quite a look if she isn't getting her way.  Recently she started to pray, it melts our hearts each time.  She loves to learn about God and has 5 verses down pat.  She is very into music and loves to have us dance all night.

Foster Care:
Tonight is class 8 or 9....we are almost done with PRIDE.  I officially got our application in the mail.  However, we still have finger prints, background checks, and at least 2 more meetings with the licensing worker.  I have certain mantras that I use to talk myself patiently through the whole processes.  I will have to share someday.

The House:
We have taken a winter break on major projects for the benefit of our sanity and our bank account.  However, there are several little things going on: new curtains, mud area, unpacking the last of the boxes, new (to us) light in the dinning room, a few paint jobs, etc.  We also now have a dryer hooked up thanks to my dad-in-law.  And my mom-in-law and sis-in-law did our fall yard clean up....returning it to the state my parents left it in the spring.

Tony and I:
We are busy with getting our license, Awana (Tony), King's Closet (me), Bible Study (me), and a list of other things.  However, we are excited about the holidays and spending time with family. 

We are excited to see my parents, two brothers, and my sister and her family for Thanksgiving this year.  Christmas will be a very busy time with Tony's family.  His little brother is getting married and both Tony and Addilece are in the wedding.  We will enjoy Christmas eve as our own little family and enjoy Christmas day with his parents and family.  We are hoping to be able to squeeze in a few hours of time with my family somewhere in that mix.  Sometime New Years weekend Addilece will get some quality time with my parents.

I have a million blog posts floating in the back of my head that I want to write so I will be getting around to those soon.

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