Thursday, March 1, 2012

Goal Update: February

Another month down.  This month went unbelievably fast.

1. Have Addilece finish potty trained at nap and night time:

Progress: She's done well this month for nap time.  She has been dry a majority of the month.  However, she is still having enough accidents for me not to feel comfortable taking off her diaper.

2. Build our savings and emergency funds back to where we would like them and leave them there: 

Progress:  We have  not had our financial meeting for the month yet, so I do not know the percentages.  
3. Put an extra $3000 toward school loans

Progress: None

4. Spend two weekends/overnights together as a couple: 

Progress: My wonderful husband surprised me with a weekend together for my birthday.  Isn't he amazing.  So we are 50% done and completed within our time frame of first one before June.

5. Finish our wedding scrapbook and start our family album:

Progress: I spent one night scrapbooking and finished four pages.  I still need to make one up from January. 

6. Do Bible Study more regularly as a couple:

Progress:  I put a paper calendar in my hubby's Bible which has helped us to track this and keep us accountable.  We did it 2 to 3 days a week this last month.  That is WAY off from where we would like to be, but at least we have a number to start with.  Our hope is 4 days a week next month.
7. Feel healthy:

Progress:  I have lost a total of an inch on my waist line and about 5 lbs.  I feel healthier but progress is still slow.  I'm actually ready to RUN!

8. Have  more homemade and less store boughten products in the house: 

Progress: We opted not to make homemade maple syrup.  The cost was just not worth the time.  Maple extract is much pricier then I anticipated.  We did make shower cleaner.   It worked but I would not call it magical by any means.  It was better then using regular cleaner.

9. Have Addilece understand (be able to verbalize) the gospel message:

Progress:  She knows that sin is "bad jobs" and can give you a list of who sins.  She knows that because we sin we can not be part of God's family.

10. Be more diligent about Addilece's Awana (first) and school (second). 

Progress:  Spotty.

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