Sunday, November 4, 2012

Orphan Sunday

Today was Orphan Sunday.  A day in which churches across America (and possibly around the world) stop to specifically focus on the Orphan.  We were blessed to be part of this at our local church.  The elders prayed over us as we care for the Least of These.  We were able to pick up "Challenge Cards" and decide some ways in which our family was going to support the Orphan or those caring for the orphan over this next year (and boy am I excited about what we get to do).  And we at at the Orphan's Table.  This is event in which we ate a meal that a typical orphan would eat (rice and beans and a piece of bread).  We got to sit on the ground on cardboard.  What an incredible way to show our kids what others experience on a daily bases and how blessed we are.

We also did one other thing.  We watched one of the most heart wrenching, convicting Orphan videos I have ever see, Depraved Indifference by Eric Ludy.  I wanted to share that video with you. Take some time to watch it and reflect on our position in this world.

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