Monday, December 31, 2012

A Little Big of a Two Year Old

This post was originally written in January 2012.

Our little Princess is two.  There are things about her that are VERY two.  The other day I was trying to play a card game with her and she says, "No Mom!  There mine!"

Mine.  One of the most voiced words in this house.  For a two year old everything belongs to them.

Her daddy decided we had enough and decided to teach her that everything was God's, not hers.  God gave her the privilage and the responsiblity to take care of it, but if God wanted her to do something else with it (like give it up) she needed to do that.

My poor hubby spent the first few hours with a child try desperately to cling to what was hers.  The mines where worse then ever.  While he had a supportive wife, she was also a sceptical.

It didn't take me long to realize why this seemed crazy to me.  In  my mind I still wanted to be able to use the arguement with my child, "no you can't play with that, it's Mommy's."  While I wanted my two years heart to be right, I wasn't ready for my heart to be right.

I told my husband that this is something that he and I still needed to work out ourselves.  We say, "everything is Gods" but we constantly put restraints and stipulations on that.  We give out of our excess, not all we had (hmm...I think Jesus knows about that issue).  So glad that he wants our daughter to begin learning early so it will, hopefully, be easier for her.

Is everything God's?  Truly?  Not yet.  I'll be working on my "two year old selfishness" right along my two year old.

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