Monday, March 30, 2015

Adoption: Renaming Our Children Part 3

Now the fun part.  I get to tell you the meaning behind all our children's names.  I wish I could actually share their names, but for their protection we've chosen not to do that.

Big Brother:

Big Brother's name means steadfast.  We desire for Big Brother to gain a confident heart.  We desire to learn that he is loved, desired.  We want him to remain strong in these things.  He has a lot of history  to overcome, a lot of bad cycles to break.  Our prayer for his life is that he would remain steadfast in who God created him to be.

Sweet Pea:

The first part of her name means "my witness" in Hebrew.  We chose to give her a strong name.  Our prayer is that for her life is that she will be a "world changer" and a "voice for the voiceless".  It's been amazing to see the gifts of both compassion and justice that God has put in her.  She has this way of drawing people to herself.  She is a leader to her core.  But she is also a justice seeker, often speaking up for the injustice of those around her (and herself at times).

Little Man:

Labelled non-verbal in our placement call, speaking is NOT this child's strong suit.  However, whether it's through words, actions, or just how he lives his life we desire this child to be a voice for God.  We named him after a prophet with a name that means mouth piece of God, or more specifically, "Who is God?"  May each hurdle this child overcome be a reflection of who God is and how he works!

Baby Girl:

Full of beauty, grace.  We stuck two names (with very specific meanings) together to create this child's name.  Scared and worthless was how this child's life made her feel.  She often degraded herself and struggled to accept any compliment, especially if she was told she was beautiful.  We wanted a reminder for her that she is indeed beautiful, especially in God's sight.  God's never ending grace is what we felt deeply as we have learned to care for this child.  We struggle, but God's grace overcomes our struggle in so many ways.  As God's beautiful, redemptive, grace poors into this child's life we get to see miraculous changes take place.

I would love to hear your story behind your child's name!

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