Monday, August 11, 2008

Preciousness of Marriage

This weekend my sister got married. Tony and I got married only two months ago but something was so different about watching a marriage after you've already been married. As I watched my sister come down the isle and my new brother in law shed tears of joy I was struck by the absolutely beauty of marriage. I remembered walking down the isle to my soon to be husband and being overwelhmed by God's goodness. The pastor who married them talked about covenants and how sacarced they were and how they were not to be broken. And I watched my sister vow to forever be w/ this man who she loves so very deeply. It just hit me how meaningful marriage is to God. Its something I've always known and its something that I took very seriously when I got married. However, it was such a great reminder to see God through their marriage. And thats what it really was. Brittney and Jason were so focused on God and committing their lives together to Him that when they said their vows you could see and hear God in every word. It was so nice after the ceremony to go and hug my husband and just be renewed and reminded of how wonderful God is.


David and Marianne said...

You have such a precious heart, Heather... I know it pleases the Lord!

joashndelia said...

You are so right Heather!!! I wish we lived closer so we could see each other more often!!! You are such a blessing to me!!!