Saturday, October 4, 2008

Count Your Blessings

I was talking to my mentor before Tony and I got married. She was talking about how awesome it is seeing things in your life that God has come in and taken control of. She then mentioned Pastor Ed (Senior Pastor at Grace Church) taking rocks and putting them together as blessings. Well, I went back to the dorms that night and started talking with Tony about this concept. We decided to start visually counting our blessings. On our honeymoon we found a cute bowl. Then we took river rocks and every time we can clearly see God's working in an event or area of our lives we write it on a rock.

I have come to realize several things from this. The first is how incredibly blessed we are. Another is that one blessing by its self is easy to push off as nothing or only important for a time. However, when the blessings are put together the dish starts to get full. Our dish is not full yet but every rock makes the pile a little bigger. The last thing I've realized is it has become a lot easier to trust God. When I know we need money I can pull up a particular rock and see where God blessed us before. I have so much more faith that God is going to do what he promised he would do.

This is something we plan on doing with our kids. I can't wait to see what they see as a blessing. I have a feeling my eyes are going to be opened up even further to God's amazing grace through my children. Tony said one day we are going to have rocks all over our house. Imagine how incredible that would be. To see God working in our lives that much.

God really truely has done some amazing things in our lives. Check it out:

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Anonymous said...

Awesome encouragement and great idea, which I might have to steal!!! The Lord has great things in store for you two!! Many blessings, Delia for the Tiarks