Thursday, July 9, 2009

One Month (Or Less??)

It is offical. I am 36 weeks pregnant and down to my LAST MONTH!!!!! Or could it be less? I guess it could be more too but I can't think about that right now :)

So how are things going....pretty good actually. I mean I am ready for this to be over. I have reched my limit! I told Tony that the offical eviction happens on July 29. That is about a week and a half before I am due. That is when I will be done with all my birthing classes and my internship and basicly done with work (one day short). But I'm really really trying to be patient!


The little one is doing just fine. Pushing out my insides is his/her favorite game. I think that the baby has flipped, although I have heard nothing from my doctor. So I'm not worried about a breach birth at this point. This child has quit a cute room that he/she is coming home too...if I do say so myself. :)

These letters were drawn by my sister! They are gorgeous. They really make the room what it is!
We have been overwelhmed by God's faithfulness throughout this pregancy. The changing table and crib were from people who no longer needed them. My parents were so sweet to invest in a really nice carseat and stroller for us.
These are my letters....not as cute but they help add some color to a very bland room. The rocking chair was my great grandfathers. I am so excited to be able to cuddle and rock my baby in it!
The shelf was being gotten rid of by an international student in our apartmeng complex. Even the cheerios and wipes were a blessing. I paid a total of $4 for over 850 wipes!
It has been fun spending time with my husband getting this room together. I don't know where everything from the showers and friends will go but we will find a place! Like I said...God is faithful. We have spent under $45 to funish this room and half of that was baskets for clothes. Everything thing else has been gifted through others.
Tired, extremly sore, itchy skin, feeling sick, forgetful, and slow....such is life right now. But through all of it I am overwelhmed with JOY at bringing home my child. I figure what I am going through is not too uncommon so I just have to suck it up :) There are days when I don't know if I will be a good parent but I'm trying to remind myself that I will only be a good parent if I let God parent through me. I am so glad to be serving such a FAITHFUL God.
At 34 weeks I felt a lot of aches and pains. The feared contractions, however, I wasn't dialated. They put my on the monitors and sure enough I was having some. However, I think what the monitors where picking up was Braxton Hicks and the night before was false labor. At 35 weeks I was 1 cm dialated. I don't know what I am at 36 weeks yet. My doctor is glad to see things start to progress along.
I told a Mommy and Me class to learn about post birthing care of myself and the baby. Tony and I also started our birthing classes. We were hoping to have these complete by this point but with my internship we were unable to do that. We really enjoyed the first night and our teacher is wonderful.
Life for me is starting to slow down a bit. I'm done with summer classes (whoo hoo) and I am a few weeks out of completing my internship. I have 3 more weeks of work but those should be fairly simple weeks.
Tony is doing pretty well. He is working so hard to provide for his wife and child. He is a roofer during the day and a gas station attendant at night. He also gives blood plasma when he can find the time. I'm so thankful for a husband that is so unselfish to provide what is over all best for his family by allowing his wife to stay home.
He has been so amazing throughout this whole pregnancy. He takes care of me, the house, the money....all of it with NO COMPLAINTS. I am so serious. If he has complained at all its about dishes, and who can blame my complaints are much bigger then his in that catagory! I don't know what I would do with out him.
He has also managed to round us up some new furniture which I am very exciting about and has done a great job of the contrustion part of the baby's room. He gets to pick out the baby's going home outfit (a tradition that comes from my parents). This is a privilage that he more then deserves! He keeps me calm and holds me when I just can't be....I don't think God could of shown me how much I can love him (Tony) if He had not taken me down this path of pregnancy.

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marianne said...

Loved the update and the baby's room is adorable... it will be even cuter with a baby in there : ) Hey, thanks for the offer to help. We should be ok. I'm doing a little travelling of my own to keep us all busy and the grandmas will be excited to have us visit. We'll be praying for you as the countdown continues!