Thursday, August 27, 2009

One Month

What a difference a month makes. Sweet Pea is 4 weeks old tomorrow (Friday). I can't believe how much she has grown up in one month. Here are some pictures to show the change.

Before: I had to have a towl to help hold my head up in my bouncer and I was rather little for it (sorry apparently I forgot to edit this photo and turn it). Now: I hold my head up pretty well on my own and my bouncer doesn't swallow me.
Before: I had to take sponge baths. I hated them. Now: I love taking baths in my bathtub. Its much cozier.
Before: Nana and Papa's swing would swallow me whole. Now: I'm starting to fit in it pretty well.
Sweet Pea's one month appointment is next Tuesday, so I don't have any specks yet. Tony tried to measure her a week or two ago and were pretty sure she's at least 21 in now. I'm guessing 9 lbs. She has really good control of her head. She can keep it pretty steady for 5 to 10 minutes as this video shows....
She loves to "play" with mommy and daddy, read books, and go for walks. She loves her bouncer and her swing. She moves EVERYTHING....her arms, legs, and even her tongue. Its so exciting to see her grow and change.

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Bob said...

Great idea....a video! She's gorgeous, adorable, beautiful....well you get the idea! Thanks for posting you all very much!

-Bob and Ingrid