Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Two Months: Part II

This second part of a two month update is about Addilece and her cousin, Josiah. Josiah is my sister's son. They are just under two months apart. When Addilece was born I said that they would have the biggest difference in size ever. That is totally evident now. Check out how both of these little cuties have grown.
Sisters enjoying their babies. Papa and Nana love their grandkiddos.We took a picture of Josiah and Addilece's feet when they were first born...we decided to continue that this time. (Top: A-Left, J-Right; Bottom: A-Right, J-Left)Right after this picture Sweet Pea swung her keys in Josiah's direction and he started chewing on them. Soon they will be sharing toys because they want to...not on accident.
Also, have fun w/ this video. Sweet Pea is usually a bit more active then this...but of course the camera came out and she defied what she normally does. Its also amazing that Josiah didn't roll over this whole time...boy can he move.

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David and Marianne said...

How fun!! For being 2mos. apart, you'd guess that they are twins : ) This is wonderful to get to raise them up together!

Thanks for the comment on our blog... the picture you liked was taken by Kim Schippert not Ashley but I definitely was planning to use Ashley after she took such GREAT pics of Addilece!