Friday, December 4, 2009

Seeing Life Through Different Eyes

Look at those beautiful blue eyes.  Lately, I have been struck by what my daughter sees.  Really, my eyes are old.  I have been experiencing things for over 21 years and I am well seasoned.  I do not see the freshness or joy to life that I once did.  One of the things parenting has taught me to is to look at life through my daughter's eyes.  She is seeing everything for the first time and it shows. 

Her most recent discover is herself (in the mirror) and her feet.  She will stare at her feet as they move with awed fascination.  I look at my feet and think "I really should paint my toes" or "maybe I should use some lotion".  However, Sweet Pea looks at her feet and its a whole new world.  Her eyes are saying "those things move and they are a part of me.  How neat."  She looks in the mirror and smiles, but before her face can break out into a full grin she quickly gets serious.  Its like shes a bit nervous around her new found friend.

I'm rediscovering the world again as my daughter discovers her own.  God made this world for us to enjoy.  However, as time goes on our eyes grow old and our hearts become experienced.  Its fun to hear a sound as simple as the car door shutting and see Sweet Pea perk up.  It causes me to reappriciate that sound.  God gave me those ears to enjoy those very sounds.  And as I take a walk with my daughter I am able to relearn all the beauty around me.  So, I pray that as my daughter gets older I take the time to rediscover the world over and over again.

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