Friday, January 15, 2010

Giving to Haiti

So on a blog I LOVE to read ( they have issued a challenge.  They are donating money to Compassion International for Haiti for everyone who donates and blogs about it.  Crystal is an amazing woman of God whose goal is to spend less so she can give more. 

Tony and I wanted to give to Haiti because of our passion for the impoverished and suffering.  We will probably bring home at least one child from an impoverished country and we would love for others to help our child if in the same situation.  Granted, Tony and I are not able to give much but we thank God for blessing Crystal and the other 60 bloggers who have banded together to help maximize the giving.

God WILL do amazing things in Haiti because of this crisis.  He has turned the worlds eyes there.  Please considering being a part of that.

Side Note:  You do not have to donate to Compassion.  Tony and I chose to donate to the Red Cross.


Deal Queen said...

Thank you for loving the poor and needy

Please stop by my blog and link in if you wish

marianne said...

Love your heart : )