Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Counting My Blessings

Today has been hard.  I have been completely overwelhmed and exquasted all day.  It has made me grouchy.  Several months ago our Pastor suggested starting each day by counting 10 blessings.  While I am not very good about doing it I love the idea.  So tonight I began to count.  I decided to write them out and why I chose these particular blessings.

1.  A little girl that laughs and loves life.
I have had a rough day with my muchkin.  She has been super clingy and needed and on a day where I really don't have the patience for it.  However, I have a little girl that is FULL of life.  And oh how I love to hear her laugh.

2.  Netflix
I had tried to convince Tony before Addilece was born that Netflix was an unnessicary expense.  Tony said we should keep it.  Boy was my husband ever right.  When Tony works late nights it is nice to have my "shows" to watch.  I am almost done watching all the I Love Lucy's and will move on to Andy Griffith.

3.  Making Smores with Tony last night.
So, I was pretty bummed all day b/c the one night we had free this week was taken up by grocery shopping.  However, last night Tony took time out of his studing to spend a little time with his wife.  We enjoyed making smores on the stove.  I am desperate for a family night, but love the time we do get together.

4.  Mike Riddle and Corn Belt Roofing
My mind has been racing lately with thoughts of wether Tony will get a job or not after gradaution.  However, while thinking about this I started thinking about Tony's current job.  Mike has been a more increadible boss then we could ever imagine.  He has always worked with Tony's schedule and done what he can to help support us.  I don't think Tony and I will be able to ever adiquately express our thanks to Mike for everything he has done.

5.  Spring Break
Next week is Tony's spring break.  That means one week of no school and stress for Tony, one week of some adult time, one week of Addilece getting spoiled rotten by her Daddy, one week for me to catch up on house work.  It also means about 8 more weeks and Tony is DONE!

6.  Addilece's clothing
I had some laundry to fold today....I hate laundry.  Its not the worst thing in the world but it sure is daunting.  However, almost all of Addilece's clothing up to 18 months has been given to us.  We have had to buy so very little.

7.  Spaghetti
I am still debating doning dishes tonight.  I feel like all I ever do is dishes...and worse the older Addilece gets the more dishes there are.  However, dishes are an indication of a yummy but cheap meal that filled our bellies tonight.

8.  Pretty things
So I was up giving our bedroom some much needed TLC (trust me, it still needs a lot more).  Now, that I am babysitting that room tends to be very neglected b/c that is where nap time takes place.  I'm so thankful that we can still have pretty things not only in that room but all over our apartment.

9.  Cheerios
Tony and I have been expirementing with Cheerios the last couple of weeks to decide if Addilece is ready for them.  Last night I picked up a few boxes at good prices.  Addilece went crazy today.  It kept her very entertained while I gave Connor lucnch.  Its hard to feed one and hold the other but Cheerios gave me a break from that.  I'm not sure if she liked eating them or playing with them more.

10.  The XBox
Tony has an XBox and a Playstation.  Connor loves to get at them and it can be a LONG day keeping him out of them.  Today was one of those days.  However, I'm glad my husband has something that he can let off some steam with.  Its his special thing.  And it allowed some bonding time with his nephew this weekend.

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David and Marianne said...

praising God is the best medicine on any gloomy day... great job at REMEMBERING what good and perfect gifts He gives : )