Thursday, April 15, 2010

"Me Do It" is Worth It

Lately I have started to see those words over and over again with my beautiful wonderful child.  Yes, I meant to say see.  She can't speak them but her actions are ringing loud and clear.  She has wanted to be "Little Miss Independent" all the way.

Sweet Pea began crawling about three weeks back.  This past week she began pulling up and that is when the trouble began.  Suddenly our world turned upside down.  Meals times were a nightmare, nap times caused me to pull my hair out, and boy was I frustrated Mommy the few times I saw 5:30 on the clock. 

There have been times throughout the last few weeks that all I wanted to do was pull my hair out.  However, then I capture moments like this and it makes it all worth it.

And my favorite:

I'm quickly reminded that even in the "me do it" moments it is well worth it.  I look into those blue eyes and I grasp the depth of the responsibility that God has given to Tony and myself.  He has entrusted us with one stubborn, opinionated, independent, beautiful, smart, "talkative", FUN little girl.  I pray everyday that he will make me the best mommy I can be.  My heart's desire is to have this beautiful blued girl grow up to be a strong woman of God.


patti said...

Praise God that you see the responsibility He has laid in your arms!

Perhaps we can become bloggites.

Visit my place when you have time!


rachel b said...

cute pictures! natalie's favorite phrase right now is "my do it"!!