Friday, June 11, 2010

Oh the Busyness

Well, Tony started his new job and we THOUGHT life would slow down a bit. Boy were we ever wrong. Actually I think Tony's life has drastically slowed down, but I am going full force. So here is my schedule for the two weeks:

(Today is Friday)

Sat-Tues: Babysit for a friend

Sun: Craft day for Ecuador

Thurs-Fri: Babysit cousins

Fri-Sat: Garage Sale for Ecuador

Sun-Thurs: VBS

Now throw in things like laundry and grocery shopping and house work and you quickly understand why its CRAZY! Needless to say summer will be flying away in the Snyder Household.

I have heard people talk about the need to say no. That is something I have worked on very hard for the last two years, especially after Sweet Pea's birth. I'm not too bad at it. Everything on the list above is stuff I really feel like God has put in my life for particular reason. Whether its to support the friend who supports youth or to raise money for orphans....these are things important to me. It kinda stinks that they all fell at the same time but I guess that's summer and that's life.

However, this has made me realize how fortunate I am to stay home w/ this little miss.
Sweet Pea frustrated w/ her cousin for stealing her cup.
God has really blessed Tony and myself beyond our wildest imaginations to allow me to be with her. We now do something most nights. If God had not given us the finances for me to stay home then not only would I miss her every day, but every night also. She is constantly learning new things which I get experience. This week was hand clapping and making a popping noise (she is imitating amazing.) So even though I get overwhelmed at times w/ all the stuff I am glad that none of it gets in the way of me being a mom.


Joy said...

I have to continue to practice saying no at times! It's hard when there are good things to do, but even better things that I should be doing. Sifting through what's best can be very difficult and needs to be constantly addressed.

Heather said...

That is so wonderful Heather! I am glad that things are going so well and that you are enjoying being busy. I can only hope that Brian and I will have at least some of the happiness that you all have!