Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Top 10 Favorite Bed Time Stories On Our Shelf

We love to read in this house.  In fact bedtime is one of our favorite times.  We get to sit down w/ our Little Miss and read her the Bible, read her a story, sing a song, and say a prayer.  We love spending that 15 minutes together as a family just enjoying each other.  Addilece has an amazing collection of books on her shelf and all are so amazing.  However there are a few that just push themselves up over the others a bit


Olivia by: Ian Falconer

Olivia is a rambunctious little pig who continually finds herself in trouble.  She is full of spirit and spunk.  The illustrations of this book keep you laughing.  Every parent can relate to the trials Olivia puts her parents through. Falconer has several books in his serious.  While all are amazing, the original Olivia remains my favorite of the group.


A Fly Went By by Mike McClintock

This is Tony's FAVORITE book to read to Addilece.  Each thing is being chased by the thing behind it.  The thing behind it is not actually chasing it but being chased by the thing behind it.  Is the man with the gun the "one in back of it all"?  Or is it something completely different.  One brave little boy gets down the root of the confusion.  We love the fast pace, flowing sentences of this book.  It is a fun way to open up a child's imagination of what may be causing that thumping and bumping.

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Patti Lacy said...

Fun books! thanks for the recommendations. I'm always buying books as gifts.