Tuesday, August 31, 2010

One Year Well Child

Yesterday we had our one year check up.  It was a month late because Tony and I made the decision to switch doctors.  Leaving Sugar Creek was a mess as they had two doctors just pull out and lots of transfering patients.  I'm super thankful for a kind person who bumped our paperwork up seeing that their was so little of it.  We are now with Dr. Boe of Bloomington Pediatrics.  After the visit I was more then confident that we made the right choice in deciding to switch.  I LOVED him and Sweet Pea was quite taken by him.  The minute he walked in the door she waved and he actually paid attention and it was all over.  I've never seen this child show off quit so bad.  It might have been partially due to the fact that she had had no afternoon nap.  But Dr. Boe gave her all the attention she wanted to and made be feel confident and listened to as a mama.  So here are the stats.......

Shots: 4.....we didn't cry for the first one but screamed bloody murder for the rest.  We did manage to give the nurse a teary smile at the end.
Height: 32 inches (up 2 inches in 4 months), that is the 93%
Weight: 24 lbs, 5 oz (up 1 lb, 5 oz in 4 months), that is just under the 97%
Head: 18 in, 50%

As every doctor has told us since the beginning....well, she isn't having any trouble growing....lol.  We are now fielding weekly questions of "when will she be 2"?  She certianly acts like she wants to be (thats not always so good).

On another note....we started teething our eye teeth.  Daddy is excited that she is getting her "meat teeth"....mommy is dreading the sharpness.  One offically popped through this morning. 

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Patti Lacy said...

Oh, does THIS remind me of the old days!

BTW, our neighbors use Dr. Boe, I believe. And they just had a new baby girl!!

Praise God for yours.