Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Approved Workman Are Not Ashamed

Firmly AWANA stands, led by the Lord's commands...the season has begun at our house.  Starting last Wednesday we will be busy every Wednesday from here through April (minus Christmas and Thanksgiving).  After taking two years off (one for school and one for Addilece) I am ready to get back to my Cubbies.  Tony is Co-Commander, transitioning into Commander after taking one year off to work.

Being Commander means it is Tony's job to recruit.  This is typical a hard job, as Awana is a HUGE time commitment.  Tony and I joke that people have his number blocked because we haven't been able to get anybody on the phone.  And not everybody understands why Awana is such an amazing program.

I can say, Tony and I would not be who we are today with out Awana.  It gave us a strong Biblical foundation, taught us how to reach others for Christ, and pushed us to serve deeper.  I personally was a Ministry Board Team Members daughter, went to camp for 7 years and counseled for 2, completed a Citation Award, and went overseas twice with Awana MIT.  How blessed I am to have Awana in my life.

Among Awana cirlces we talk about never finding a better program out there to reach kids for Christ.  Awana couples the fun of games to draw kids in with the salvation message presented in the books and counsel times.  It is a program that can be used to reach into the home and bridge the gap between the unchurched and the Church.  On top of that Awana aims to teach kids what it means to serve Christ whole heartedly.

Last Wednesday we were at a church in inner city Peoria doing some refresher training.  Let me tell you, this church was on fire.  They were so excited to get the club year started and to "reach these kids for Christ and to train them to serve him".  They made me beyond ready to start the year.  Being out of club for two years means I have no clue whose in Cubbies and who isn't.  However, I know that God has always perfectly orchestrated my handbook group to give me the kids he wants me to have.  I can't wait to be around the energy and fun of these preschoolers for the next 8 months!

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patti said...

LOVE this post.
Sigh. Only wish God would make time for us to volunteer.

Blessings, dear one.