Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Are You My Mommy?

Baby Girl looks up at me with questioning eyes and ask, "Are you my mommy?"  It was a break through for this almost three year old.  She had spent two out of control weeks with us.  Teetering between a desire to be real with us and a desire to reject us.  Finally, she was able to state what was on her mind, what her heart needed to know...."Who was her mommy."

It is a question that Baby Girl will have to answer for herself.  In her little 3 year old mind she can't have two mommies.  There is one mommy who is called mommy, who she was with for three years, but isn't there any more, she isn't providing what she needs.  There is another mommy who she also calls mommy, who she barely knows, but who is providing what she needs and she is who she sees every day.

Big Brother isn't sure how to answer this question yet either.  He stated the other day that his parents told him we "weren't his real parents".  We had a great discussion about what real parents where.  He is also trying to figure out if and how he can have two mommies and two daddies.  

These are things that three and six year old little minds should never have to think about.  It breaks my heart to hear the pain in their hearts.  I just pray that at the end of this journey for these kids that they will find hope and healing. 

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