Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Happy Birthday Baby Girl and Little Man

Well, it happened.  We are now Daddy and Mommy to a six year old and three three year olds.  There were many moments in this journey that we weren't sure if they would be at our house the next day or not.  But we are joyful that we have reached this place.

 Baby Girl is a bundle of energy that loves music and baby dolls.  She would rather not be in a dress but when she is it is girly to the max.  Her true smile reaches right to a persons heart. She got a head full of crazy curls and a body full of energy to match.

Little Man has got quit the personality.  He loves to help and just be with people.  He got eyes and a smile that light up the room.  He is all boy and is constantly running, jumping, and climbing.  He loves to figure things out (and in the process has broken quit a few things).  He likes transportation things and blocks.   

I'm so glad these two littles where brought into our lives.  They definitely make them better.  God has so deeply blessed us.  Happy Birthday to our dear Baby Girl and Little Man!!!

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