Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Little Man Begins School

Little Man headed off to PreK/ECSE (Early Childhood Special Ed) this week.  We are so excited that he has this opportunity.  He will be in a pretty normal classroom type setting with an incredible teacher.  He will get some specialized one on one help also.  His list of needed accomplishments is pretty high, I will be thrilled if he accomplishes all of them.

He handled his first day really really well.  He was given his own three ring binder.  He showed it to me FIRST THING when I picked him up.  He then showed it to me another 3 times before nap.  When he arrived at school this morning he pulled it out of his bag again.  I love to see him take possession of things as his.  So far he has been all smiles when school is mentioned.  

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