Sunday, January 6, 2013

Goals for the Week

 Royalty Free Rf Goal Clipart Illustration By Jiri Moucka Stock

*Finish the current chapter in The Well Connect Child by Karyn Purvis and read the next chapter.
*Decide on first 21 day Project.
*Post on "Getting Real" Blog

*Work on updating paper work for Awana for one hour, 3 times this week.
*Work on sorting clothing for King's Closet for one hour, 3 time this week.

*Spend 10 minutes a night filling out behavior journal

*Do Awana with Addilece and Big Brother 4 times.
*Work on speech with Baby Girl 3 times.
*Work on school with Big Brother 3 times.
*Do school with Addilece 3 times.
*Spend one hour on Sensory Activities
*Finish Little Man's Calender
*Take Little Man on a date

*Set up Babysitting for night out.
*Read the Bible together 4 nights.
*Do an in home date.
*Ask Tony what he wants done for the week and complete tasks.

*Have a financial meeting
*Balance check book.
*Set a date for a debt meeting.
*Save for anniversary trip.

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