Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Pinterest Pin: Perfect or Problematic?

When I found frozen sidewalk chalk on Pinterest I was pretty excited.  My kids love sidewalk chalk, so to have it frozen just sounded fun.  So here's the breakdown...

What's Good?
  • It's simple and cheap to make.
  • It's a great summer time activity
  • It's different and unique.
  • My super sensory seeker loved it.  And when he was done he moved on to basic sidewalk chalk.
  • It's not harmful if eaten (as you can tell later on one of my kiddos did that).
What's Bad?
  • Oh my!  The mess!!!!  Clothing, hair, arms, everything.
  • It takes awhile for the actual chalk lines to show up, so for my littles they weren't happy about not being able to draw pictures.  They just kinda rubbed until it melted away.
  • It picks up all the dirt (I had just mowed, and the grass got ALL OVER the chalk).
Conclusion:  My kids enjoyed it enough that we will do it again, but it is not an all time favorite activity by any means.

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