Monday, August 12, 2013

Favorite Blogs About Foster Care and Adoption

Looking for a good blog about Foster Care or Adoption?  I have several favorites.  I have a lot I read and follow.  Most of those can be found on the side.  So here is my criteria for sharing the ones I did.

1. The blogger has to post pretty regularly.
2. They have to talk about foster care or adoption pretty regularly.
3. They have to be a blog that is both real, but also encouraging.

Life With a Personal God-Jami Kaeb

I have the amazing privilege of knowing Jami in real life.  She has a passion to follow after the heart of Jesus.  She has adopted internationally and through the Foster Care system and is now working on her second international adoption.  She is incredibly real with what God is showing her.

The Zap Life-Aaron and Julie Zapata

I have so blessed to call Aaron and Julie friends.  They haven't been on this Foster Care journey long but God has already taught them so much.  So often I find my head nodding along as I read agreeing with everything they wrote.

One Thankful Mom-Lisa Qualls

I happened to stumble upon Lisa's blog one day and prayed a quick pray of thanks to God.  Lisa is so very real.  She shares her life and her family but is still great at respecting what needs to be private.  She is an encouragement and blessing.  I'm always thrilled to see you put up a blog post, even though I know that often her words will be hard to hear and ever so convicting.

The Forgotten Blog

The Forgotten Initiative was started locally by Jami Kaeb (see above) and has grown throughout the nation.  This blog always has great "in the trenches" stories of the fostering community.  It is motivating.

No Greater Joy Mom-Adeye

Wow! is about all I can say.  Adeye and her husband (who blogs at No Greater Joy Dad) have opened their hope to some tough special needs kids.  They have at least 4, but I believe the number may be greater.  Since we are caring for a special needs child this blog is always a blessing to read.  If you do NOT wanted to be convicted and moved about the turmoil and hardship of special needs children around the world then this is NOT the blog for you!

Do you have a foster or adoption blog that you just love to follow?  Feel free to share in the comments section.

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Kayla said...

She doesn't post much these days, but I really enjoy Selina at -- They adopted 3 girls from China, 14, 1, & 1 at the time of adoption, whom they brought home within a 9 month period. I love her perspective on adopting an older child in particular. It's an awesome blog to read through.

I used to follow regularly, but it became a bit disheartening so I decided to cut back. I check in every few weeks. They have 8 adopted from all over the world (one in heaven) and 3 bio. They also have experience with older adoption. Haiti, Serbia, Colombia, Ukraine, & USA in their household. They've had a variety of special needs too, including hydrocephalus (and resulting surgeries) and downs syndrome among others. Pretty neat blog.

Looking forward to the day ours joins the ranks. :)