Sunday, January 1, 2012

2011 Goal Check--up

Well, the end of the year has come.  It is time to review our goals and see where we are.  

1. Buy and begin to fix up our first home.

House purchased and a lot of work has been completed on it.  The fix it up part is on going.

2. Finish our wedding scrapbook (not even half way done, pathetic I know) and begin Addilece's "Life Story" book (we aren't doing a "baby book" with her due to the fact that none of our other children will have baby books....we are going to try and make them as similar as possible).

I did not touch our wedding scrap book this year, other then to move it.  However, after choosing to go digital for Addilece's book.  It is ALMOST done!  It just needs a few more tweaks.

3.  Spend two kid free weekends with my hubby (one possibly being a trip).

We only got one kid free weekend.  However, it was an amazing weekend.  We could never get our schedules and Tony's work schedule figured out to do another.

4.  More date nights (that's a hard one).

We've been on a few dates out of the home.  We also started doing a date night at home every other week.

5.  Go camping for the first time.

We went to St. Louis for the weekend in AugustWe had a blast and we're already planning our trip for this next year.

6.  Loose an inch or two in the waist.

I was not successful at this at all.

7.  Teach Addilece her first Bible Verse.

Addilece is doing really well learning Bible verses.  She know 5 different ones plus a slew of other Biblical information.  It has been so fun as a parent to watch her learn spiritual truth.

8.  Tony beginning Grad School.

Tony did a lot of praying and decided to wait on Grad School.  It will be in the near future, however.

9.  Start saving for our adoptions.

We do have a jar that we randomly drop money in for future adoptions.  It's not much but its a good reminder of the future.  We did start the process to get our foster licenses and that has taken a lot of our time and energy.

10.  Build our emergency fund back up to one month of emergency money.

This was complete and then we had to buy windows for the house.

11.  Leave our food budget where it is at but eat healthier.

We are eating healthier.  This year I make sure we always have fruit in the house, I'm using healthier oils, and we completely switched to frozen veggies.  We grew our own garden also.  This was a huge blessing.  Our food budget, however, was shot.  We could not keep up with the food price increases.  We are going to be looking into more homemade goods for this next year and a few other solutions to keep our budget as low as possible.

12.  Completely potty train Addilece using the 3 day method.

Addilece is potty trained during the day.  She has an accident every week or two. 

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