Sunday, January 1, 2012

2012 Goals

The goals I wrote for 2011 were really a great at helping me stay on track, so I wanted to do them again for 2012.  However, I had a lot of trouble thinking of my goals for 2012.  There are so many things I want to accomplish and change this next year.  However, as I though of the lists, whats important to me, and the difference between a goal and a resolution I had to drop many of them.

1. Have Addilece finish potty trained at nap and night time:  She stays dry durning the day but still wets about half the time during nap and every night.  I want to be completely done with diapers by 2013.

2. Build our savings and emergency funds back to where we would like them and leave them there:  When we number crunched this and the next were lofty goals.  This will also be besides a down payment on a van and house repairs.  It means we will have to make spending sacrifices this year.  Our hope is to have our savings build up by the end of February and to build up our emergency with our tax return.

3. Put an extra $3000 toward school loans

4. Spend two weekends/overnights together as a couple:  Not successful last year, but hopefully we will get it together this year!  To break this down a bit more we would like to have one weekend done by the end of June.
5. Finish our wedding scrapbook and start our family album:  I hope to work on our wedding scrapbook at least once a month.  I'm also working on ordering pictures as I can get them free or cheap for the family album (which will consist of a page or two for Christmas and a page or two for vacation every year).  I hope to have the years caught up by the end of this year.

6. Do Bible Study more regularly as a couple:  This is something we have fallen in out of the habit of this last year.  I hope that stops this year and we stay consistent.
7. Feel healthy:  We both agree that we feel so miserable right now.  We don't care about weight numbers or eating habits, what we care about is how we feel.  Now that will mean weight loss, exercise, and eating changes for us both!  For me I would like to loose 10 to 15 lbs, go three months straight with no pop (and drink it sparingly after that), and run a mile in 8 minutes.  Tony would like to get in shape and tone up.  He would also like to run a mile in 8 minutes while doing push ups in between 400's.  I would love for our goal next year to be to run a 5K. 
8. Have  more homemade and less store boughten products in the house:  This past year we tried laundry detergent and detangler...both being successful.  I also bought the stuff for febreeze but never made it.  I would like to make the febreeze, face wash, syrup, shower cleaner, and anything else that seems to save us money and be safer for our home.  I also want to make more/different homemade bread and try a slew of items in the kitchen.

9. Have Addilece understand the gospel message: this does not mean we expect her to accept it but we would like he to be able to answer what sin is, who sins, that means we can't be a part of God's family, and how to be part of God's family.  

10. Be more diligent about Addilece's Awana (first) and school (second).

We also have random other things we would like to do this year.  We want to take a camping trip to the Dunes in Michigan.  We would like to finish the kitchen, replace four more windows, and raplace the wood around the outside of the windows on the house.  We have goals for the ministries we are involved in also.  I would like to take a room a month and organize it and come up with a weekly, monthly, six month cleaning schedule that I will follow.  We will finish our foster license and we hop to receive a placement soon.We also want to be more on top of balancing the checkbook, updating the budget, and having financial meetings.

So here is to a productive and fun 2012!

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