Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Goal Update

It is the end of the month so it is time to check on our goals.  I can't believe one month is down, 11 more to go.

1. Have Addilece finish potty trained at nap and night time:

Progress: None

2. Build our savings and emergency funds back to where we would like them and leave them there: 

Progress: We have saved 30% of our savings goal.  We also purchased two mattresses and put new tires on the car.  Not bad with the other big expenses we've had.
3. Put an extra $3000 toward school loans

Progress: None

4. Spend two weekends/overnights together as a couple: 

Progress: My wonderful husband surprised me with a weekend together this past weekend.  It was a birthday treat.  Isn't he amazing.  So we are 50% done and completed within our time frame of first one before June.
5. Finish our wedding scrapbook and start our family album: 

Progress:  I did get some pictures ordered for the family album.  I went to do some work on our wedding scrapbook and realized I had no adhesive.  So I didn't get any scrapbooking done this month.  I will need to scrapbook twice next month to make up for it (after I buy adhesive).
6. Do Bible Study more regularly as a couple: 

Progress:  We've been spotty still.  We are working on getting into a routine.
7. Feel healthy: 

Progress:  We are working out on a regular basis.  I've lost a few pounds and we can feel our bodies getting back into shape.  We are much better then we were a month ago.  However, we wish the progress would be quicker.
8. Have  more homemade and less store boughten products in the house: 

Progress  We made homemade febreze, which we love.  I cleaned the stove with baking powder, which worked wonderfully.  This next month I would like to make homemade maple syrup and  shower cleaner.

9. Have Addilece understand (be able to verbalize) the gospel message:

Progress:  She knows that sin is "bad jobs" and can give you a list of who sins.

10. Be more diligent about Addilece's Awana (first) and school (second). 

Progress:  We are getting better.  I have school planned for the next several weeks and we have been working on our Puggles (Awana).

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