Sunday, April 1, 2012

Celebrating Easter

Taking back the true tradition and meaning behind a holiday is something that we are passionate about.  This especially rings true for Christmas and Easter.  These are the two biggest holidays for Christians.  We as a society and as a church have allowed Santa and the Easter bunny and toys and candy to creep in and distract us from the real reason behind what we are celebrating.  It is a spiritual battle and I think we have allowed Satan to creep into our homes and our lives through these holidays.  Surrendered ground is difficult to reclaim.

Tony and I decided that we were going to start a week before Easter (on Palm Sunday) and each night concentrate on a different aspect of the Easter Story.  Each day will have an item and an activity to represent it.  The items that represent it will be placed in Easter eggs.  On Saturday we will have an Easter Egg Hunt (yes, we do still carry that tradition, but the Easter Bunny does not deliver the eggs) and these eggs will be the biggest part of it.

We are using the NIrV Storybook Bible: Read with Me Bible.  We LOVE this Bible.  The words are straight from scripture and the pictures are incredible.

Another great Bible is The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name.

Day 1: Jesus Enters Jerusalem (Matt 21, Mark 11, Luke 19)/Mary Pours Perfume (John 12)
  • Item: Palm Branch/Small Bottle of Perfume
  • Activity: Make a Palm Branch (Addilece did this at church today)
Day 2: Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet (John 13)
  • Item: A piece of cloth
  • Activity: Do something for someone else to serve them
Day 3: The Lord's Supper (Matt 26, Mark 14)
  • Item: Bread
  • Activity: Break the bread apart while talking and have each person enjoy
Day 4: Jesus Prays in Gethsemane (Matt 26, Mark 14, Luke 22)/Jesus is Arrested  (Matt 26, Mark 14, Luke 22, John 18)
  • Item: Sword
  • Activity: Make a sword, play fight like the disciples but talk about how Jesus told them to "STOP" and why
Day 5: Jesus Goes to Pilate (Matt 27, Mark 15)
  • Item: Gavel
  • Activity: Make a gavel like a judge would have
Day 6: Jesus Dies (Matt 27, Luke 23, John 19)
  • Item: Cross
  • Activity: Make a cross from branches and wire
Day 7: Jesus is Buried (Matt 27)
  • Item: Rock
  • Activity: Make Empty Tomb Treats
Day 8: The Tomb is Empty (Matt 28, Mark 16, John 20)
  • Item: Empty Egg
  • Activity: Eat empty tomb treats, attend an Easter service

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