Friday, April 27, 2012

Quick Family Update

Sorry I have been so quiet lately.  I have been trying to be more intentional about my time spent as a mom, wife, and caretaker of my home.  We have also been BUSY with Awana.  Our club year is almost over which means that Tony and I are our busiest right now.  I figured I would send a VERY quick update on a few things.

Sweet Pea:

She is doing wonderful.  She is down to a diaper for just nap time.  We are planning to home school preschool in the fall AND she will be starting Cubbies at Awana.  It will keep her busy but I think she will love it.  She is SO funny.  Check out more of her stories at Daily Laughing.


Tony is busy finishing up his club year duties at Awana.  Work has also been keeping him on his toes lately.  He will be taking the GMAT in a little over a week.  This makes me a nervous wife, but I know he is working hard at studying.  We are praying he  has good enough scores to get into the grad program that we feel is best for our family late this fall.  He is already looking forward to our vacation this summer.


I am busy helping Tony finish up stuff for the Awana year.  I've also been doing things for another ministry I run also.  I just finished up an amazing Precepts Bible Study on Philippians.  I also am more then ready for vacation.

Foster Care:

We have had our license for three weeks, but have not received a call (our most frequently asked question).  However, I don't believe our agency has been "on call" those weeks either.  Even when our agency is on call it doesn't mean they will have a child placed, or that we will be the family they contact.  I am hourly turning my anxiety and desire to fill our home over to God.  It's not been easy.      

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