Tuesday, July 17, 2012


In today's society families of six reach the "WOW" level.  Four kids within 3 years....well, that's a bit overboard.  And taking on 3 extra children at once....CRAZY. 

Are we crazy?  I know a lot of people think we are.  We've even been told that "we DID pray for this....and you're going to get what you prayed for."

Yes, we are crazy.  Life is crazy.  But we are NOT sorry for it.  Jesus was considered radical by the Jews.  It was blasphemy to claim to be the Son of God.  Obedience to God often calls for us as believers to be RADICAL. 

Yes, we did pray for this.  Yes, we did want this.  Let me set the record straight right now......NO we do not regret this.  NO we are not wishing we wouldn't of said yes.  When we agreed to take a license of three it is because we felt God wanted us to take three....and we wanted it because God wanted it.

I look at these three kids and I think "which one do people want me to give up and give back?"  We already said no to other siblings.  We would have either of taken the twins or taken Big Brother.  Big Brother would not be doing well on his own.  Addilece would not be doing well with just the twins.  These kids NEED each other.

When you are standing in the center of God's will crazy doesn't matter.  God has filled our hearts with a deep joy.  We get up smiling every morning and go to bed thinking, why God did you choose us to love these children.  It is such a PRIVILEGE! 

We don't mind being the crazy family.  We don't mind that God chose to shower us with exactly what we asked for.  We are filled with Him and that is all that matters!


mihartm87 said...

I don't think you are crazy!! I think you are being obediently radical!!!! :) I can't wait to meet the newest munchkins!! :)

mihartm87 said...

You aren't crazy, you are just being obediently radical, following Christ's command to us in James 1:27 to love and care for the orphan; for the fatherless!!! I'm so blessed and encouraged by reading your posts! :) I can't wait to meet the newest munchkins! :)