Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Tomorrow Our Guy heads home.  He gets to be a family again.  He gets to be a son to his mom again.  We are thrilled for him.  It's time. 

We are glad that our worries about this kiddo and his home are minimal.  We are glad he has a mom who can care for him.  We know many kids leave the foster system so full of unknowns that there foster parents always worry and wonder.

We have been blessed to see Our Guy grow and change over these last five weeks.  He is now able to listen to the entire plan of salvation and not agrue about hell with us.  He has told us he loves us.  He has proven that he can disagree disrespectful and can keep his temper under control.  He has proven that at times he can think of somebody other than himself.

We know there are things we were never able to convey to him.  We also know he refuses to accept some of the advice we have given him.

He has a world of choices ahead of him and we hope he makes the right ones. 

We were never the perfect parents but we know we did exactly what God asked us to do...share Him with our kiddo.

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