Wednesday, February 6, 2013

A Little Girls Heart

"She reminds me of her Dad.  He was always our gauge to see how the family was doing.  If he was having trouble we knew we need to take a breather for a few days."

I appreciated those words of insight from my mom-in-law.  Words that would help me read and gauge my own family more.  It had just been a few weeks before that she had heard words come out of her granddaughters mouth that we don't think any of us expected to hear.  She yelled at her brother, "I hate you."  And she meant it!

Addilece has really been a trooper through everything.  One night she went to bed with a house full of toys, her own room, and full attention from Mommy and Daddy.  When she woke up her toys and time had gotten cut to 1/4th and now she had to share her room.

There have been times where I have uttered to Tony multiple times a day, "Is she going to be ok?  How can we help her with this?"  The two weeks she screamed "I  hate you!" to her siblings where really hard.  But I am SO thankful that we pressed through.

This little girl has completely changed with in the last few months.  When her siblings are on a visit she waits and wishes for them to be home.  When her brothers get out of school she can't WAIT to give them a hug.  She brags about them to everyone she meets.  And recently when she was making a prayer journal for Cubbies she added her brothers and sisters as a praise.

I'm so thankful for the work God is doing in her heart.  I pray that one day she will be a World Changer for Him! 

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