Thursday, July 8, 2010


I have so many updates I would like to put on here....a cute picture from the fourth, a funny video of Addilece. But our Internet connection hasn't been completely set up on this computer so I can not upload any of that.

I know that the questions are coming. Addilece is almost one and before long people will start wonder when we are going to have another one. In my mind I have all the right answers. Answers that are smooth and articulate. Ones that allow them to press on if they like but quickly diffuse the situation. However, when people ask it takes my breath away and my mind goes blank and I start to stutter and stumble. This can even happen with a simple question such as "Is this your only one?" I don't want people to feel sorry or awkward or embarrassed. I don't mind being real but many everyday people don't want "real".

And questions from Addilece.....I know those will eventually come. How do I explain to my little girl that mommy and daddy aren't going to have a baby from their tummy but a baby (actually probably not even a baby....a CHILD) from another mommy and daddy. Hmmm.... I'm sure she will accept this better then most and be an amazing big sis.

I know I'm not the only one who struggles with this. Everyday people get common questions that completely throw them for a loop whether it involves the loss of a child, spouse, infertility, a child who is disabled, or many other things. How do they deal with it? How do they answer the questions that make them stutter and stumble and take their breath away? How do you?


patti said...

Hmmm. With silence, if the questions are not needed to be answered. A nice smile cuts the tension!

Better yet, let the Holy Spirit answer for you. He's really a brilliant counselor!!!

Can't wait till Friday.


Kayla said...

I always try to respond in a way that honors God, even though the situation I refer to was far less than wonderful. I have seen Him use what happened to me for His glory and to bring about healing in the lives of my friends.

Some questions can be diverted into another topic of conversation. Some are met with silence. Some you will be able to answer in detail. Each question and individual who asks it will be unique... There's not a one-size-fits-all response (unfortunately). God can give you the words for each instance.