Monday, January 20, 2014

Getting Here: My Journey to Now

I've shared how we started foster care.  How God drew my very opposed heart to this point.  But I was sold on God's plan to care for orphans way before that.  Adoption was a part of the everyday conversation when we got married.

God began drawing my heart to adoption in high school.  I went on a missions trip to Brazil with Awana.  In my training six months before, other teams began talking about going to orphanages in India.  My heart began to stir.  When I asked my mom if they would adopt a child from another country if I fell in love with an orphan, I was shocked that with six kids she said, "yes".  That "yes" showed me things like adoption were real, not just dreams.

On my team was Erinn, an on fire for the Lord, spunky, fun, teenager.  There was something unique about Erinn.  Her family was currently waiting to bring home two precious treasures from Africa.  Those kids' picture captured my heart.

I may have asked a few lot of questions about adoption those two weeks.  I may have slightly really annoyed Erinn.  However, she answered every single question.  I'm not even sure if she remembers that.  But God used her at a strategic time in my life to capture my heart for His future.  Her parents would be really proud of her.

You can read the rest of the story next Monday.

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