Monday, January 27, 2014

Getting Here: My Journey to Now

You can read the beginning of this story last Monday.

From there God laid a path of adoption before me.  I was Cubbie Director in an Awana program that was 80% to 90% unchurched-almost all low-income families. I saw the hurt.  Working with those kids led me to want to work with kids.  I knew I wanted to work with low income, hurting families.  However, I wasn't sure how.

My youth group leader in high school was a preschool teacher.  She wisely told me that Children's Ministry and Preschool Teacher was not where God was calling me.  Laura introduced me to FCS, Family and Consumer Sciences.

Home Ec?  What?  Actually its so MUCH more then that.  There is a component to FCS that is Human Development and Family Relationships.  One of the best schools for this major was Illinois State University.

I entered ISU with a desire to adopt and a plan to work with hurting kids and families.  But God wanted to teach me more.  He led me to a church where the Youth Director had started just a year or two before.  He was married to an amazing woman who was passionate about orphans.  What I didn't realize was the year I arrived God was stiring in her heart a desire to start an Orphan Care Ministry.

Almost two years after arriving at that church I approached her about joining her team.  This woman has been amazing and encouraging friend.  I am so thankful for her.  She has educated me, pushed me, and helped me to learn when to hold back.  Her passion encourages mine, and her wisdom helps me stay grounded.

All of this led to Tony and I saying yes to two precious girls.  God would shut the door on those amazing children, but use it to draw my heart to where it is now.    It is amazing to see where God put each piece of the puzzle into place.  Without taking me through the hoops, I don't think I would be were I am now.

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