Thursday, January 22, 2009

FREE Adoption Conference

I have been learning the beauty of free through a blog I have been following. This is something that is free that is worth blogging about....

Grace Church will be hosting an Adoption Fair on February 7th. Adoption is something that Tony and I will be doing in the future unless God takes us down an unexpected path and this conference has been such a blessing to us. All of the presenters are either adoptive parents and/or they run an adoption agency. You can imagine those things easily intertwine. This conference is great if you are in any stage of considering adopting, you have family members adopting, or you would like to start a church ministry about adoption. If you have any questions all the information is on the following website.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Looking Back

On New Year's Eve I was cuddled up next to my wonderful husband and began to realize everything that had changed in the last year. 2008 was a year filled with adventure and excitement and even some hardship. It was a year that shaped and molded who I will be for the rest of my life. So here is a list of some of the major changes in our lives this year....
  • Tony and I got married. Obviously this is one of the biggest changes. It has been so amazing to wake up each morning and wonder what new thing am I going to discover about life through my marriage. Marriage is better then I could have ever of dreamed or hoped for.
  • My sister got married and our family had the privilege of adding Jason into the crazy mix.
  • Tony's family gained two beautiful additions...Isabella and Lauren
  • We dealt with the ups and downs of Tony's grandmothers on going battle.
  • We said good bye to Tony's brother Jay as he headed off to Afghanistan.
  • Tony and I found out that we were pregnant. Funny how God pushes our plans aside to make room for his better plan.
  • I discovered I'm going to be an aunt. Yes, my parents will have grandchild one and two next summer.
  • Tony got arrest for being in possession of a stolen vehicle. Hopefully this will be a funny story to tell our kids one day.
  • Two siblings left for college (a brother on each side).
  • We had the privilege of watching my older brother, Preston, fulfill a career dream.
  • We celebrated w/ our parents as they enjoyed their 30th wedding anniversaries. It was such an encouraging way to start out a marriage.
If I could of chosen what 2008 looked like this probably wouldn't have been it. However, I have discovered that whatever path God takes me down he has a reason for it. I've learned so much and grown closer to my family through all these events. God has taught me lessons I never will forget. I'm glad that He is in charge and that He shapes my life. I can't wait for the adventures of 2009. I get to become a better wife and I get to meet my new baby. I get to spoil nieces and nephews and celebrate accomplishments and joys with family. I'm sure their will be many twists, turns, and surprises along the way. I'm ready for them because I know who is in control.

The best part of our year...our wedding.

The second best part of our year...finding out I was pregnant. Peanut at 7 1/2 weeks.

The great-grandkids with Nana. Lauren-left, Jakob-middle, Bella-right

Mom and Dad celebrating their 30th wedding anniversary.

Jason and Brittney's wedding.

Preston's girls winning nationals and getting coach of the year.