Friday, April 27, 2012

Quick Family Update

Sorry I have been so quiet lately.  I have been trying to be more intentional about my time spent as a mom, wife, and caretaker of my home.  We have also been BUSY with Awana.  Our club year is almost over which means that Tony and I are our busiest right now.  I figured I would send a VERY quick update on a few things.

Sweet Pea:

She is doing wonderful.  She is down to a diaper for just nap time.  We are planning to home school preschool in the fall AND she will be starting Cubbies at Awana.  It will keep her busy but I think she will love it.  She is SO funny.  Check out more of her stories at Daily Laughing.


Tony is busy finishing up his club year duties at Awana.  Work has also been keeping him on his toes lately.  He will be taking the GMAT in a little over a week.  This makes me a nervous wife, but I know he is working hard at studying.  We are praying he  has good enough scores to get into the grad program that we feel is best for our family late this fall.  He is already looking forward to our vacation this summer.


I am busy helping Tony finish up stuff for the Awana year.  I've also been doing things for another ministry I run also.  I just finished up an amazing Precepts Bible Study on Philippians.  I also am more then ready for vacation.

Foster Care:

We have had our license for three weeks, but have not received a call (our most frequently asked question).  However, I don't believe our agency has been "on call" those weeks either.  Even when our agency is on call it doesn't mean they will have a child placed, or that we will be the family they contact.  I am hourly turning my anxiety and desire to fill our home over to God.  It's not been easy.      

Friday, April 20, 2012

What It's Like to be a Foster Parent

I found this video from a foster dad on Christian Alliance for Orphans.  It made tears well up.  Praying God fills our empty beds soon.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Exciting Mail

This little baby arrived in the mail several days ago.....


Yes, that IS our official Foster Care License.  It was a pretty exciting day!

Monday, April 2, 2012

Goal Update: March

This has been a crazy month.  Mid month we did the last things necessary to finish our Foster Care License.  We should have that in our hands any day.  However, finish up the process took more time and effort and energy then we realized.  Tony and I were both so worn down we got sick.  While doing this we also purchased a van and bought four new windows for our house (both things that needed to be done for our license and growing family).   All this affected many of these goals this month.

1. Have Addilece finish potty trained at nap and night time:

Progress:We have discovered a lot about our child while potty training her.  She is an easy road out type of girl and cold turkey is the best scenario.  So we cut her off cold turkey from her nap time diaper. She has done great.  Today she should hit day 14 in a row of staying dry.  This is going to earn  her a trip to the local Children's Discovery Museum.  

2. Build our savings and emergency funds back to where we would like them and leave them there: 

Progress:  We are at 100% for our savings and 41% for our emergency. 

3. Put an extra $3000 toward school loans


4. Spend two weekends/overnights together as a couple: 

Progress: My wonderful husband surprised me with a weekend together for my birthday.  Isn't he amazing.  So we are 50% done and completed within our time frame of first one before June.

5. Finish our wedding scrapbook and start our family album:

Progress: I spent one night scrapbooking and finished two pages. It was a quick night on the last day of the month (talk about cutting it close).  I have a few details to work out and the reception to do (2 to 4 pages) and I'm complete with our wedding srapbook.

6. Do Bible Study more regularly as a couple:

Progress: We study the Bible together 15 times as a couple.  That is 3.3 times a week.  Much improved from last month but its not 4 yet.  That will remain our goal for next month. 
7. Feel healthy:

Progress:  1 1/2 inches on the waist and six pounds.  I definitely feel much healthier.  However, I tried on my summer clothes this month and was pretty bummed that what I remember fitting last year is pretty snug this year.  So I still have work to do.  Tony is working out twice a day.  I'm proud of him.

8. Have  more homemade and less store boughten products in the house: 

Progress: We made nothing new this month.  I'm hoping for homemade granola (my sis-in-laws recipe) this month and maybe a few other snacky but healthy items.  

9. Have Addilece understand (be able to verbalize) the gospel message:

Progress:  She began Sunday School this month.  I love love love to hear her tell  me things.  She will randomly declare "God is always with us." or "Jesus walked on water." or "Judas didn't like what Jesus said, he left."  I'm so excited to have a church that teaches her deep Biblical truths at a young age.

10. Be more diligent about Addilece's Awana (first) and school (second). 

Progress:  Not good this month.  Hoping to get back on the band wagon for April.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Celebrating Easter

Taking back the true tradition and meaning behind a holiday is something that we are passionate about.  This especially rings true for Christmas and Easter.  These are the two biggest holidays for Christians.  We as a society and as a church have allowed Santa and the Easter bunny and toys and candy to creep in and distract us from the real reason behind what we are celebrating.  It is a spiritual battle and I think we have allowed Satan to creep into our homes and our lives through these holidays.  Surrendered ground is difficult to reclaim.

Tony and I decided that we were going to start a week before Easter (on Palm Sunday) and each night concentrate on a different aspect of the Easter Story.  Each day will have an item and an activity to represent it.  The items that represent it will be placed in Easter eggs.  On Saturday we will have an Easter Egg Hunt (yes, we do still carry that tradition, but the Easter Bunny does not deliver the eggs) and these eggs will be the biggest part of it.

We are using the NIrV Storybook Bible: Read with Me Bible.  We LOVE this Bible.  The words are straight from scripture and the pictures are incredible.

Another great Bible is The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name.

Day 1: Jesus Enters Jerusalem (Matt 21, Mark 11, Luke 19)/Mary Pours Perfume (John 12)
  • Item: Palm Branch/Small Bottle of Perfume
  • Activity: Make a Palm Branch (Addilece did this at church today)
Day 2: Jesus Washes the Disciples Feet (John 13)
  • Item: A piece of cloth
  • Activity: Do something for someone else to serve them
Day 3: The Lord's Supper (Matt 26, Mark 14)
  • Item: Bread
  • Activity: Break the bread apart while talking and have each person enjoy
Day 4: Jesus Prays in Gethsemane (Matt 26, Mark 14, Luke 22)/Jesus is Arrested  (Matt 26, Mark 14, Luke 22, John 18)
  • Item: Sword
  • Activity: Make a sword, play fight like the disciples but talk about how Jesus told them to "STOP" and why
Day 5: Jesus Goes to Pilate (Matt 27, Mark 15)
  • Item: Gavel
  • Activity: Make a gavel like a judge would have
Day 6: Jesus Dies (Matt 27, Luke 23, John 19)
  • Item: Cross
  • Activity: Make a cross from branches and wire
Day 7: Jesus is Buried (Matt 27)
  • Item: Rock
  • Activity: Make Empty Tomb Treats
Day 8: The Tomb is Empty (Matt 28, Mark 16, John 20)
  • Item: Empty Egg
  • Activity: Eat empty tomb treats, attend an Easter service