Monday, January 31, 2011

Can you give One Day, One Lunch

Many times I am wrestling with the question, "What can I do?".  A number as staggering as 147 million does not leave my mind very easily.  I feel completely lost when it comes to the orphan crisis and my part.  Recently, I found a way that my whole family can help.  A simple way.  A way that everyone who is just willing to give a little can do. 

One Day, One Lunch.

After 15 year old Addisyn visited the Adami Tulu preschool in Ziway, Ethiopia she felt compelled to help.  However, she felt helpless.  But Addisyn decided to do what she could to support these sweat angels.  She began eating what the children in the feeding program were eating, a small bowl of soup and a piece of bread, for lunch in order to give her lunch money to Adami Tulu preschool.

February 3 will mark 100 days that Addisyn has been eating a simple lunch in order to be an advocate for those who have so much less then her.  Addisyn is asking that on that day you would join her.  The average American spends $2 to $8 a day on lunch.  It cost $3 a month to feed a child in the feeding program.  Could you feed one child, for one month? 

So I'm asking you to seriously consider your part in this?  Did God have you read this blog for a reason?  Don't hit the red x with out taking time to think about what YOU can do.  Could you eat from the stock pile in the cabinet, rather then eat out?  Could you eat a much simpler lunch, rather then a fancy lunch?  Could you fast for that lunch so that a child could be fed for a month. 

Pass this along on Facebook, Twitter, or write about it on your blog.  Check out Amy Block's (Addisyn mom's blog) to find out more about her inspiring 15 year old and her amazing family.  (Side Note:  Building the Blocks is now my new favorite adoptive family blog.  They have a story that will truly inspire you.)  Or look for more information on Facebook.

Donations can be given online at: please indicate it’s to go to the Adami Tulu Preschool.  May God bless what you do!

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wading Through

Ok, I'm a roll posting this week, huh?  I guess I just have so many family things to talk about.  Seeing that this blog is about our Daily Walk with God I guess its ok. 

Yesterday I sat in the doctor's office during Addilece's appointment reading the development sheet that I get at each appointment.  This is what I read: "Behavior.  Watch out!  You are nearing the 'terrible twos.'"  Suddenly a light bulb went off and I just had to laugh.  "So that's why she acted like the world was ending because I took her away from the book she was reading to come back here."  Don't get me wrong.  I know what the "terrible twos" are and I've been watching them.  I just thought we were having "moods" lately. 

Awww...the terrible twos.  So far the last week or so has been filled with a child who acts rather deaf, uses her body to control her way, and temper tantrums at every turn.  It is taking a whole new set of discipline to deal with it.  So here is what we are doing so far:

1. Time Outs: They are Addilece's BEST form of discipline.  However, they are now coming with an added twist and defiance.  Instead of sitting on the time out mat for 2 minutes we are standing beside it, rolling off it, sitting on mom's lap, getting toys, and so on and so forth.  Super Nanny would be proud b/c if any of these things take place that timer gets reset.  Let me tell you, it is emotionally and physically draining.

2. Calm Down Time:  Thanks to this blog post on I Can Teach My Child! that I had read months before I had something in my back pocket.  Tony and I were both a bit skeptical this would even work but we gave it a try.  After doing it twice we were sold.  What we do is as soon as the temper tantrum begins (minus during time outs and bed time-b/c we've already seen her try and manipulate that) we say, "do we need to calm down?"  Then we take Sweet Pea to the rocking chair and tell her she needs to sit there until she is calm.  Shes not in trouble and she controls how long she sits.  When she gets up we ask her if she is calm and if she says yes we go on with life.  She is much  more reasonable after that.  It is working wonders.  Best of all we can implement this in public also, if we need to.

3. Time Warnings:  I'm quickly discovering how badly I need to give time warnings at this age, when possible.  Yesterday, we were grocery shopping and Sweet Pea didn't want to get out of the car on the front.  So, I told her, "we are going to push the cart to the cart rack and then you have to get out." It worked like a charm, no fits.  I am really going to have retrain myself to make sure I do this before I give instructions and allow myself the time to do it.

However, even with this I get really really worn down.  A little after a week of seeing this behavior pop up I am ready for a mom vacation.  Goodness. 

BUT there is a flip side to this.  My little girl is learning and discovering and changing.  She has taken in so much information with in the last week.  She can tell you her Daddy "is stonggg (strong)" and where her top and bottom are and how old she is.  She learned hide-n-seek (although she's not so good at it b/c she always wants to hide in the tub) and is repeating almost every word we throw at her.  She is soaking it all up very quickly.  The next sentence on that development sheet was "Remember that this phase will pass with it's pleasures and it's pains."  I'm desperately hoping that I can hold on to those moments of pleasure, my patience, and most importantly God as I wade through this new stage in our lives.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

18 Months

Sweet Pea had her 18 month well check today.  This was the last of the 3 month appointments.  Now, we are on to the 6 month appointments for the next 1 1/2 years. 

Here are her stats from 15 months (b/c I forgot to post them):

Length: 32 1/4 inches....95%
Weight: 25 lb, 3 oz....90%
Head: 18 1/2 inches...80%

And here are the 18 month stats:

Length: 33 1/4 inches...94%
Weight: 27 lb 14 oz...90%
Head: 19 inches...90%

Sweet Pea.....1 1/2 going on 5 (or more)....."tock-in" (talking) on the cell phone.
*She has gotten ALL 20 of her teeth and is done teething until she gets her 12 year molars. 
*She is a parrot repeating almost everything we say.
*She can count to one (I know not so impressive, but super cute to hear when you ask, "Do you want to count?" and she responds "ONE" but doesn't say anything else.)
*She has a huge vocabulary.
*She can say almost every family members names.
*She knows her grandparents by site and by name with no prompting.
*She RUNS everywhere.
*She's still not much a climber (thankfully).
*She is a Daddy's little girl!!!!
*She is a readoholic (YAH!!!).
*She loves music.
*She's getting over her fear of dogs.
*She loves to be a helper (especially with cooking).
*She is mesmerized by fish. (What better Easter present then a $.28 fish right?....Could you tell my husband that?)
*AND she is starting her "terrible two's".  (Fun).  Possibly more about that later.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Picture Perfect: Birthday

All I wanted for my birthday was CAKE!  While my husband deliever on so much more then that, the cake was extra special.  It was full of sprinkles, icing, and my Sweat Pea's slobbers, and it was perfect.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Another Day, Another Step

I went to the OBGYN today for my yearly check-up.  I've been 3 other times since Addilece's birth (minus the initial post baby checks).  For the first time it was REALLY hard.  Seeing the other pregnant women.  Again realizing that if I had it my way I would be caring another little on right now.  Realizing for the first time that I (with no other complications) would only be seeing this doctor once a year.  That was rather hard to swallow, seeing that I went to her in the first place because I was pregnant and wanted her to deliver my baby.

There isn't really a "lesson" or a "point" to this post.  I just felt like sharing another step, another thing that I didn't realize would take me by surprise, another change.  Thanks for letting me share.  Sometimes its good to have another outlet that isn't my sweet husband.  I think I break his poor heart too much.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

2011 Goals

I've tried New Year's Resolutions before without much success and no accountability.  So this year I'm going to do goals for 2011.  When I look at this post in a year I wonder how many things I will have finished.  Feel free to keep me accountable.

1. Buy and begin to fix up our first home.
2. Finish our wedding scrapbook (not even half way done, pathetic I know) and begin Addilece's "Life Story" book (we aren't doing a "baby book" with her due to the fact that none of our other children will have baby books....we are going to try and make them as similar as possible).
3.  Spend two kid free weekends with my hubby (one possibly being a trip).
4.  More date nights (that's a hard one).
5.  Go camping for the first time.
6.  Loose an inch or two in the waist.
7.  Teach Addilece her first Bible Verse. 
8.  Tony beginning Grad School.
9.  Start saving for our adoptions.
10.  Build our emergency fund back up to one month of emergency money
11.  Leave our food budget where it is at but eat healthier.
12.  Completely potty train Addilece using the 3 day method. 

Lots to do but all of it is definitely with in reach.  Loosing the inches in the waist and date nights with the hubby are definitely the hardest. 

Monday, January 3, 2011

A Year at a Glance

It dawned on me the other day how much has changed in a year.  I think its a LOT harder to measure change, until you have a kid.  Then you realize how much takes place in a year.  So here was our 2010


* A trip to California and a visit with Uncle Preston.

* My birthday

*Tony's sweet grandmother passed away.


*We welcomed a new little munchkin into the mix.  I babysat Conner for 3 months while friends welcomed a new foster baby into their mix.


*We have a crawler


*Tony's birthday.

*First Easter with our Sweet Pea


*Tony accepts the position as the new staff accountant at CIT (an amazing event complete orchestrated by God).

* A trip the Wisconsin Dells.
*Moving into a new apartment.

*1st Mother's Day


*1st Father's Day.

*Happy 2nd Anniversary


 *We have a walker

*Happy 1st Birthday Addilece.

*I take a trip to Ecuador.


*Welcome cousin Julianna.

*Awana begins again.




*Tony and I began dating six years earlier.