Monday, January 31, 2011

Can you give One Day, One Lunch

Many times I am wrestling with the question, "What can I do?".  A number as staggering as 147 million does not leave my mind very easily.  I feel completely lost when it comes to the orphan crisis and my part.  Recently, I found a way that my whole family can help.  A simple way.  A way that everyone who is just willing to give a little can do. 

One Day, One Lunch.

After 15 year old Addisyn visited the Adami Tulu preschool in Ziway, Ethiopia she felt compelled to help.  However, she felt helpless.  But Addisyn decided to do what she could to support these sweat angels.  She began eating what the children in the feeding program were eating, a small bowl of soup and a piece of bread, for lunch in order to give her lunch money to Adami Tulu preschool.

February 3 will mark 100 days that Addisyn has been eating a simple lunch in order to be an advocate for those who have so much less then her.  Addisyn is asking that on that day you would join her.  The average American spends $2 to $8 a day on lunch.  It cost $3 a month to feed a child in the feeding program.  Could you feed one child, for one month? 

So I'm asking you to seriously consider your part in this?  Did God have you read this blog for a reason?  Don't hit the red x with out taking time to think about what YOU can do.  Could you eat from the stock pile in the cabinet, rather then eat out?  Could you eat a much simpler lunch, rather then a fancy lunch?  Could you fast for that lunch so that a child could be fed for a month. 

Pass this along on Facebook, Twitter, or write about it on your blog.  Check out Amy Block's (Addisyn mom's blog) to find out more about her inspiring 15 year old and her amazing family.  (Side Note:  Building the Blocks is now my new favorite adoptive family blog.  They have a story that will truly inspire you.)  Or look for more information on Facebook.

Donations can be given online at: please indicate it’s to go to the Adami Tulu Preschool.  May God bless what you do!

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Patti Lacy said...

Thanks for inspiring me to give up ONE MEASLEY lunch.

God bless y'all, Heather.