Monday, November 28, 2011

You Can Help: A Wise Christmas

Christmas is the time of year when most of us spend the most money during the year.  First watch the video about Advent Conspiracy.

This year consider changing a few of the gifts you purchase in order to have your money work for those in need also.

147 Million Orphans: This organizations sells clothing, bags, and jewelry.  50% of everything sold goes to clean water, feeding programs, education programs, and more.  My brother-in-law bought me a shirt here last year and it was my FAVORITE gift.

Gobena Coffee:  Named after the 70 year old man who took care of their daughter, Gobena sells organic and fair trade coffee.  100% of their profits go to children in Ziway Ethiopia.

Orphaned NO More, 3,000 Bracelets:  The name of this comes from how many bracelets it would take to bring their child home.  Since this family brought Sophia home the baton has been passed.  I can personally attest that these bracelets are beautiful as my sister-in-law gifted me one last year!

One Twenty Seven: Adorable hair bows.  100% of the proceeds to go Lifesong for Orphans.  Again helping in Ziway Ethiopia. 

TOMS: TOMS one for one campaign gives shoes to children in need.  For each pair you buy, one pair is donated.

World Vision: The World Vision catalog provides you with items that you can give to others: animals, clean water, medical care.  These gifts can be for US children or Orphans and Widows.  Give this gift in honor of someone.