Thursday, March 31, 2011

Picture Perfect: St. Patrick's Day

St. Patrick's Day Celebration:

Green Bath

Coloring a Shamrock and Learning About the Trinity

Green Play-dough

Just Having Fun!!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Choosing to See the Little Things

I do have pictures of us celebrating St. Patty's day but due to a funeral this past weekend and a trip coming up this next weekend I have not gotten around to uploading and editing them yet.  I wanted to get this down before I forgot it though.

Yesterday I did one of the things I fear the most.  I locked my keys in my car....along with my wallet and cell phone.  However, it made for the perfect opportunity to allow God to work and here is how:

* I noticed right away which means I was able to deal with the situation immediately.

* It was 4:30 and Tony gets off work at 5.  By 5:20 he had come to rescue us.  We weren't waiting too long.

* We happened to be at a local hospital to return a nebulizer we had rented a few weeks back. They had a phone and a phone book (Tony's number is long distance and his work number is saved in my phone so I don't have it memorized) for me to use.  I didn't have to find a pay phone and the elderly lady at the information desk was such a sweetheart.

* I had a dollar on me.  I almost never have  cash on me and when I do it's in my wallet (which was in the car).  I was able to get Addilece a snack so I had a happy little girl.  They also had a water cooler and cups so not having a sippy cup was fine.

* Addilece had broken her sandal (trying to get it off) which is what had distracted me.  We were in a place that we could sit that was clean (unlike maybe a store) and had few people around to worry about her being shoeless (unlike maybe the library).

*  Addilece didn't get a poppy diaper.  Let me just tell daughter has a LOT of poppy diapers.  The fact that she didn't was a miracle.  The diaper bag, by the way, was what was holding everything else. 

* We didn't have to pay anything on the rental right then.  So we were able to return it without me needing my debit card.

As I was thinking through this list last night I thought for a minute, "why didn't God just keep me from locking my keys in the car."  God could of easily have done that.  However, I know that I would not have given him credit for that.  I would of thought "Oh how fortunate" and went on with my day.  This way I was able to see God work about my protection for His glory.  This could of been a very bad situation but it wasn't.

God often brings each one of us through tough times for His glory.  Here in America we struggle to acknowledge the trouble or difficulties He keeps us from.  He has to bring us into hard times so that we can actually see Him work.  The sign in front of our church recently said, "Don't pray for sunshine if you don't pray when the sun is shining."  How true that is.  Look for a way to acknowledge God in the goodness of the sunshine He has provided in your life today.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Celebrating the Real St. Patrick

Update: This was written a few days ago and scheduled to post today.  However, we have a little girl that just isn't right.  Mommy thinks she may be getting the flu.  So we will be celebrating but not today like we planned.  She won't know the difference anyway....right?!?!

I remember thinking as a kid how stupid St. Patrick's Day was.  It baffled me to have a holiday that you wore green or got pinched.  It didn't make sense to have a holiday that celebrated being cruel to one another.  When I went to collage St. Patrick's Day became the drinking holiday.  Everybody geared up to head to a near by college town for Unoffical which took place the weekend before.  It was all about the green beer, green shirts, and getting as drunk as possible. 

This holiday like so many others in our culture has been twisted and changed to fit our own wants and desires.  As that confused kid I would of told you I was never going to make a point to celebrate this holiday with my child.  However, this year that is exactly what we will do...celebrate.  Why?  Because of the real reason behind the holiday.  (Thank you Mom for your persistence and diligence to always have Christian radio on...particularly adventures in Odyssey.)

Patrick's name was orginally not Patrick and he was not from Ireland.  His name was Maewyn and her was kidnapped at the age of sixteen from his home in the British Isle to be a slave in Ireland.  During those six years as a shepard boy he met Christ.  One night he had a dream about his ship being ready.  He felt God was telling him to go.

God wasn't done with Patrick and Ireland though.  After studying and becoming a priest he headed back to Ireland to reach a land that was full of paganism for Christ.  Patrick came with boldness and grace and for 30 years reached out to the people of Ireland.  Many speculate that he used a shamrock to teach about the trinity.  I really encourage you to read up on his life and if you have kids consider buying the Odyssey series that teaches about Patrick.  (You can purchase the rights to download each of the episodes for $1.99 a piece or buy the entire CD of episodes for $14.99.)

So while we will probably not being be dressing like little Irish men, searching for pots of gold, or dancing a jig (although we will probably listen to Irish music) we will be celebrating.  How?  You will have to stay tuned for the pictures tomorrow.... We hope like many other holidays (Christmas, Easter) that have been changed for our own pleasures our child will be able to know the real meaning behind it and appreciate the man that St. Patrick was.