Friday, October 16, 2009

Happy Two Months: Part II

This second part of a two month update is about Addilece and her cousin, Josiah. Josiah is my sister's son. They are just under two months apart. When Addilece was born I said that they would have the biggest difference in size ever. That is totally evident now. Check out how both of these little cuties have grown.
Sisters enjoying their babies. Papa and Nana love their grandkiddos.We took a picture of Josiah and Addilece's feet when they were first born...we decided to continue that this time. (Top: A-Left, J-Right; Bottom: A-Right, J-Left)Right after this picture Sweet Pea swung her keys in Josiah's direction and he started chewing on them. Soon they will be sharing toys because they want to...not on accident.
Also, have fun w/ this video. Sweet Pea is usually a bit more active then this...but of course the camera came out and she defied what she normally does. Its also amazing that Josiah didn't roll over this whole time...boy can he move.

Happy Two Months Baby Girl: Part I

I am going to do this post in two parts because it will be incredibly long if I don't.

Our little peanut is growing up. She is two months old (ok by this post she is 2 1/2 but you get the picture). I can't believe how much changes in a week, let alone a month. We have begun the smiley stage. It is SO much fun! Her favorite time is on her changing table. Boy can we get her going then.

Boy is this little chica a daddy's girl. He was the first one to make her laugh. Whenever he is around she just stares at him. It is so fun to watch that Daddy/Daughter relationship.

Here are the stats: She is 14 lbs, 5 oz. She is 24 1/2 inches long. She now smiles and laughs. She is sleeping through the night (mostly). She received 3 shots and one oral and she hates medication. She loves bath time but we are still working on tummy time. No rolling yet and no attempted rolling. Although if she gets frustrated enough on tummy time she might just kick herself over one of these days. Daddy loves to dress her in dresses and mommy loves hair bows.

I wanted to write a letter every month to her. Well, that did not happen at one month. Seeing that I am better at blogging then actually sitting down to write a letter I just thought I would blog it and transfer it later.
Dear Sweet Pea,
Wow, I can't believe you are two months already. The other day we went and visited baby Isaac (well, you didn't because you had a cold). It made me remember that feeling of holding you for the first time and how little you were. You loved to snuggle w/ mommy and daddy and now you've become Little Miss Independent. I can't get over how much you want to do. You HAVE to face forward because you HAVE to see everything. Snuggling is no fun because you might miss something important. You are happiest when you are holding a toy (I don't think you understand you have a toy but you know you have something). You love to dance around the living room w/ your Daddy to Jack Johnson, Second Hand Serenda, and any other crazy artist Daddy can get you to listen to. We are still working on skills like Tummy Time, but we know we will get it some day.
I love to stare into your beautiful blue eyes and say to myself, shes really mine. I am blown away that God would grant me the privilege of raising you. Sometimes I get frustrated because people call you chubby, your not as happy as another baby, or someone questions how I am raising you. However, God has blessed me w/ an amazing little lady. I can't wait to grow as a mom as you grow as a child. We are taking this journey together. Everyday you teach me something new. Just the other day I discovered how beautiful your laugh was. And, if you thought I was crazy when I was trying to get you to smile (trust me, you did), then you are really going to think I am crazy when I try to get you to laugh.
I'm discovering as a mother that I will not always do things perfect, and I will not do things just like others do. Pastor Ed told me right before I had will find as a parent that God grants you supernatural wisdom. I am so thankful for the wisdom he is granting me. No matter what God will show me (and your wonderful Daddy) the best way to raise you. We don't need to answer to anybody else but him.
Thank you so much for making life fun. Your Dad and I have discovered we love each other in a completely different way because of you!
I love you Baby Girl!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Fall Festivities: A Day at the Pumpkin Patch

Tony had Friday, Saturday, and Sunday off this last week. A rarity for us (thank you Lord for the rain). We decided to take full advantage of this and go to the pumpkin patch. This was a lot of firsts for us/me. I have never actually gone pumpkin picking (I've been to a pumpkin patch though), I've never carved a pumpkin, I've never eaten pumpkin seeds, and we've never been on a family outing like this since Sweet Pea was born.
 It was a cold and very wet day, but it was so worth it. There farm isn't huge but they sure do have a lot in it. Everything is FREE except facepainting and the corn maze. If we are still in this area in years to come then I think it will easily be a family favorite.
Get a load of this cutie pa tutie. Don't you just love the matching sweater and hat. I don't think she was necessarily too thrilled w/them.
Walking through the pumkin patch w/ Daddy (already fast asleep).
We found one!
Can you believe this monster?

Yes, they were pretty heavy...and yes I am a weakling.

She was both small and lighter then these pumpkins. She was a whole lot lighter. Tony's is the fat round one and mines the very tall one.

Tony cleaning out the insides of his pumpkin so we could bake the seeds...yummy!

Carving a pumpkin for the first time. Check out the knife hanging out of the nose of Tony's pumpkin....needless to say we have't baby proofed our house yet. :P
The finished result. I thought they turned out pretty cool. Mine is a "family-o-lantern" and Tony's is Gweedo. I decided next year I was doing an easier design.