Blog Series

Anything related to adoption.  This includes articles, videos, and blogs on adoption.

Anything related to foster care.  This includes our personal journey into the Foster Care System.

The way God shows us that He is providing for and taking care of us on a daily bases.  It is our glimpse at His grace.

This is beginning of our story.  A path that would show us God's heart for the orphan and take us into the foster care system.  Read about our emotional journey of navigating a hysterectomy and infertility at the age of 21.

The lessons we learn that we wish to take hold in our lives.

Anything related to orphans here and around the world. This includes the facts and figures of the orphan crisis, our passion for the orphan, and our belief on why the church is called to support orphans.

A series of pictures used to describe an event or a feeling or a person.  This is the best way to get a glimpse into our family's daily lives!

We have a heritage of rich holidays.  However, in America we have lost much of what those holidays truly mean and replaced it with meaningless candy, parties, and gifts.  We hope to slowly take back the holidays for our family and restore their deep and powerful meanings.

I believe that God mandates the church to care for orphans.  However, I think many stop at not being "called" to foster or adopt.  They don't realize the numerous ways they can care for orphans with out bringing a child into their home.  I hope to expose some of those things.