Friday, June 24, 2011

Goal Update

Can you believe we are already half way through the year.  Here is an update on our goals.

Our Goals
1. Buy and begin to fix up our first home.
Progress: We have lived here two months.  The kitchen is at a good stopping point (almost).  We started the guest room which should of taken 1/2 a day.  It's been a month and a half.  Thank you old owners who did not do things properly. :(  Addilece's room has been begun but it along with almost every other room is in the same need of attention that the

2. Finish our wedding scrapbook (not even half way done, pathetic I know) and begin Addilece's "Life Story" book (we aren't doing a "baby book" with her due to the fact that none of our other children will have baby books....we are going to try and make them as similar as possible).
Progress: None.  Which is pretty sad to me.  I have not touched our scrapbook (other than to pack) this entire year.

3.  Spend two kid free weekends with my hubby (one possibly being a trip).
Progress: 1/2 way complete.  Memorial day weekend we got TWO nights alone.  Amazing.  Thank you Nana and Papa!

4.  More date nights (that's a hard one).
Progress: We have gone on one date night since the beginning of the year.  But we had friends offer us a second one and we are more than happy to take them up on that.  

5.  Go camping for the first time.
Progress: We are going for Addilece's birthday in July.  We are so excited

6.  Loose an inch or two in the waist.
Progress: None.

7.  Teach Addilece her first Bible Verse.
Progress: Four verses....two she's got down pat (if I start them she can keep going) and another half way.  She also learned the other day that Adam and Eve were put in a forever time out because they disobeyed (it just seemed like the best way to explain it).  You can check out this video of her saying her verses.

8.  Tony beginning Grad School.
Progress: None.

9.  Start saving for our adoptions.
Progress: Adoption Jar started and a few (very few) put into it.  We also decided we are going to pursue getting our Fostering License.  Hope to begin being Foster parents next summer.  

10.  Build our emergency fund back up to one month of emergency money.
Progress: Complete as of March.

11.  Leave our food budget where it is at but eat healthier.
Progress: So far its been successful.  We've had better bread and more fruit in the house (despite the rising gas prices).  We are planted a garden this summer and have already gotten several AMAZING salads out of it.

12.  Completely potty train Addilece using the 3 day method.
Progress:  FAIL.  Maybe we will restart potty training again after she's two. 

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

You should check out this post from Rage Against the Minivan.  It's such a beautiful illustration of how adoption is something that was created in a hurt and dying world.  It is not something we will need to see in  Heaven.  While beautiful it is born out of intense pain and suffering.

Yard Progress

Well, we were able to finish cutting down the big bushes in the middle of our yard.  It makes it feel like we've actually gotten some place on the yard.  It makes a huge difference as those bushes were in a very awkward spot and huge.  My Dad is coming this weekend and I'm hoping him and Tony will be able to tear apart this yard!
 The yard with 2 of the 3 big bushes.  The third one is what you see in the burn pile.

The yard after most of it was taken down.  We are still having a debate about the tree because its a mulberry tree.  Tony loves mulberries but they are too high to pick with out a ladder (which we do not own at this point).  I'm not a fan of yucky mulberry juice all over my yard.  Plus we have several in the overgrowth of other parts of the yard.  We are talking about saving on of those because their branches aren't as high.

Standing in front looking down the side of the yard.  Notice the big green blob to the left of the tree?

You mean we have a yard back there?  No more green blob!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Daily Schedule

I hate to admit it but I have some up with a daily schedule for myself.  I never wanted to be tied into something like that.  However, I'm discovering if I don't I let myself loose time on worthless stuff, I can go whole days without reading to my kiddo or taking time to really focus on her (and constantly telling Tony I should really do more of xyz with her), and I wasn't going to be able to accomplish some of the schooling goals we have for Addilece in the future.  I'm trying to remember that it is a guideline and not set in stone.  Here it is:

6:30- wake up and eat breakfast (my hubby laughed when he saw this because he gets up at 6 with Addilece, but he didn't tell me I needed to change it.  Gotta love a man who knows his wife and her need for sleep.)
7-7:15- Get Tony out the door (iron shirt, pack lunch, etc)
7:15-8:00- Get Addilece and myself ready for the day (shower for me, bath for Addilece, get dressed)....sometime in here I squeeze in 10 minutes of working out.
8:00-9:00- Load of laundry and load of dishes, prep for supper (thaw meat, start crock pot or bread machine if needed)/ Addilece has free play (we are trying to prep her for being a sibling and going to school by playing on her own for parts of the day
9:00-11:30- Addilece Time (we do a learning segment which will be more concrete in the fall, we do a Bible time, we play outside, take walks, go to the Library, read, color, etc)
11:30- Lunch (although this has been more like 11 to 11:15) and clean up
12:00- Reading time (we read two book of Addilece's choice and a chapter book)
12:30- Daddy calls
1:00-2:00- Mommy Time (Bible study, nap, reading, computer)/ Addilece naps
2:00-4:00- Clean house (big projects)/Addilece Naps
4:00-5:00- Get ready for Tony to come home (straighten house, put on makeup if not done already, sweep and vaccum, make bed)/Addilece gets a snack and watches a show then either does a directed activity, hangs out on the porch, or does free play
5:00-6:00- Get supper ready/ Addilece helps, plays, and sets the table (one of her daily jobs, along with picking her her plate after all three meals and putting away her toys)
6:00-6:30- Supper and clean up
6:30-7:45- Family time (play, walk, read, maybe a movie)
7:45- Bedtime Routine begins
8:00- Addilece goes to bed and adult time begins

How is it working?  Alright.  I'm not always on top of things but even on unproductive days I get more done then before.  How about you?  Do you have a daily schedule?  Do you like it?  e