Tuesday, May 18, 2010

What Do I Choose?

Sweet Pea was playing ball w/ her Dad when the ball went over by one of her favorite toys....a part of an easter egg. Suddenly she was caught in a dilemma of what to do. I was curious to see what she would choose. Watch as she makes her choice.

I was blown away by her response. Not sure what to do she went to her Daddy for help. She knew she needed guidance and she relied in her Daddy for that. How many times to I need to go to my heavenly father for help, guidance, advice, and I don't? I rely on my own "wisdom" and "knowledge" to make a decision. I don't crawl back to my fathers protection. This is just one of the many lessons I am learning daily from my daughter.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Our First Uh-Oh

Yesterday we had our first of many "uh oh"'s.  My wonderful husband had given me the day off to read/nap ect.  There was one hitch with this.  He had done two things: stayed up all night to make me breakfast in the morning, hurt his knee at work the night before.  So he was pretty out of it.  However, I was not going to pass up the offer for time alone. 

So I was upstairs enjoying my time alone when I noticed things get pretty quiet.  I kept thinking "how much can she get into, her Daddy is right there."  A few minutes later I hear Tony say: "uh-oh.  Daddy is in trouble."  Before I even came down stairs I knew what my darling little girl had gotten herself into: my mother's day dove chocolate that I had left sitting on the couch.  Sure enough I came down to find Tony pulling gold tin foil flakes out of her mouth and this......

Covered in chocolate.

This used to be a square.
With out the wrapper.

Needless to say I kind of enjoyed it.  It was nice that the first "uh-oh" was on Daddy and not Mommy.  This same thing could of easily of happened to me....although I think I would of caught her a little quicker.  I also think I would of chosen something else for her to get into seeing as how we are trying to avoid things like chocolate (she's under one and she has an uncle who is severely allergic to milk and milk products).  However, I'm glad it wasn't something dangerous like a chemical.  I have been around kids and moms enough to know that this is just going to happen, there is no avoiding it.  The best thing to do is tell them that they shouldn't do it and snap pictures for future blackmail.  It made for a rather enjoyable Mother's Day.  Here are a few more pictures of the day.....

Me and my beautiful girl.  We were enjoying the outside while Tony cooked up some delicious steaks.  Lake that night he also grilled some garlic and butter shrimp....amazing.
She gets SO excited about the slide.  I hadn't even let her slide down yet.
Daddy's turn.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Happy 9 Months

Happy 9 months to the most wonderful, stubborn, opinioated, funny little girl I know!  Wow, is my baby girl becoming so BIG!  Here is a recap of the last nine months:

In the last...................
9 months (newborn): She has (weight, height)...........statics to come after Tuesday
6 months (3 months old): She has turned smiles into laughter
     Gone on her first plane ride
     Gotten 2 teeth
3 months (6 months old): Starts to say "da, da"
     Gotten 4 more teeth,
     Learns to go from tummy to sitting
     Plays games
     Finds a security blanket
     Understands to counting to 3 means something fun is going to happen
1 month (8 months):  She begins to crawl,
     Gets 2 more teeth
     Decides she is going to eat on her own
     Walks with help
     Begins to pull to a stand
     Laughs at things mommy and daddy do that are funny
     Says "uh-oh"
2 weeks: She pulls to a stand and begins to let go w/ one hand
     Begins to say "all done" and make signing motion
     Laughs at things she does herself that are funny
1 week:  She crawls to the door to greet her Daddy
     Begins to climb stairs, pillows, Daddy's legs, her little couch
     Begins to successfully take a sippy cup
     Waves to people and says "hi"
1 Day: She waves back to someone after they wave first

What a difference a week, a month, 9 months makes, huh?  Over the next three months we want to work on: saying Ma-Ma (how does a child say "all done" but not "ma-ma"?), clapping, high fives, standing independently, signing or saying "more" and "please", leaving hair bows in.

Her favorites:
*Feeding herself
*Easter Eggs (current favorite toy)
*Daddy coming home
*Standing and walking
*Any crazy game Daddy plays
*Daddy's shoes
*Her pink and brown blanket from Aunt Brittney
*Watching Mommy do things (especially cooking)
*Music and dancing

Least Favorites:
*Being inside
*Having something taken away
*The zoo
*Having to sit still
*The bath tub running 
*Mommy leaving

Yummy Food
Such a Big Girl
We were able to get REALLY close to the sea lion at the zoo.  This was the first of many "freak outs" during the day.
Looking at one of the only animals she liked that day....the tiger.  (The other was the leapord, go figure)
Messy after blueberries.
Little Monkey
Mid Fit (the throwing her head back gives it away)
Easter 2010
Beautiful Blue Eyed Girl