Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Yard Progress

Well, we were able to finish cutting down the big bushes in the middle of our yard.  It makes it feel like we've actually gotten some place on the yard.  It makes a huge difference as those bushes were in a very awkward spot and huge.  My Dad is coming this weekend and I'm hoping him and Tony will be able to tear apart this yard!
 The yard with 2 of the 3 big bushes.  The third one is what you see in the burn pile.

The yard after most of it was taken down.  We are still having a debate about the tree because its a mulberry tree.  Tony loves mulberries but they are too high to pick with out a ladder (which we do not own at this point).  I'm not a fan of yucky mulberry juice all over my yard.  Plus we have several in the overgrowth of other parts of the yard.  We are talking about saving on of those because their branches aren't as high.

Standing in front looking down the side of the yard.  Notice the big green blob to the left of the tree?

You mean we have a yard back there?  No more green blob!

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