Tuesday, June 5, 2012

You CAN Help: Sacrifically Give [Up]

147 Million is a daunting number.  It's easy to look at the number think it's too big to make a difference.  This is especially true if you don't feel called to foster or adopt.  However, I believe there is a part for everyone.  You CAN Help!

One thing you can do is you can sacrificially give by sacrificially giving up.  Everyday, we as Americans, make choices of how to spend our money.  Many times this is extravagantly.  I very much include myself in this.  While my husband and I stay pretty frugal and don't spend a lot of money on extras we still could give up.  (Our $8 a month to Netflix is an example of this.) 

So what can you give up?  Is there something that cost $5 to $10 a week that you could sacrifice to fight for the orphan?  Starbucks coffee? A magazine? Going out for lunch? Pop? Ice cream? Going to the pool? Those new shoes? Having an at home date rather than a going out date? 

One person could save $260 a year for the orphan.  With an adoption costing $30,000 this doesn't seem like much.  But let me put it to you this way...I have an average of 40 view per post and if each person did this it would be.....$10,400.  That is ONE THIRD of the cost of an adoption saved by just giving up $5 week by the small number of people who read this measly little blog.  WOW! 

So is there something you can sacrificially give up to give away to love an orphan?

Here are some organizations you may consider donating to:

Show Hope: Steven Curtis Chapman and his wife are the founders of this organizations.  Their desire and dream is to bring the fatherless closer to a father (family) through grants.  They also have Maria's Big House of Hope for disabled orphans in China.

Lifesong for Orphans: Like Show Hope, Lifesong for Orphans desires to bring children into forever families.  They are also working to provide Christian housing, schooling, and food to orphans who will never see a family.

Project Hopeful: Carolyn Tweitmeyer cares for the least of the least of these by supporting families who are bringing home children with HIV, Aids, and other "adoptable" diseases/illnesses.

Local Orphan Care:  Does your church have an Orphan Care Ministry?  Check them out and see what you can do to support them. 

Orphanages:  There are orphanages around the world that desperately need funds to keep their doors open. PLEASE NOTE: I am NOT advocating you type in "orphanages" into Google and support the first one that pops up.  Know who you are supporting before you do!

Foster Care Ministries:  Communities and churches are starting to open their hearts and eyes to the local orphan, the foster child.  Is there a ministry locally that you could support that is doing this?  Check out The C.A.L.L. in Arkansas or The Forgotten Initiative

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Kayla said...

I found a short post on Adopt Without Debt's blog about what if we each gave just $1... What difference would that make?
Here's the post:

And here's the site she mentions:

Pretty neat stuff! "Nobody can do everything, but everyone can do something!"