Friday, June 1, 2012

New Addition

As you know we welcomed a new person into our family last week.  Because of that I haven't been keeping up with anything other than housework.  So now it is catch up time. 

A week and a half ago my nephew, Aeron Azariah made his entrance into this world.  He was 9 lbs, 20 inches long.  He is just a beautiful little guy.  My parents got to meet him this past weekend and said, "He definitely has some Kayla in him but boy there is a lot of Grey in him!!"  Unfortunately we won't get to meet him for another 2 months.  I just hope he doesn't grow up too much in that time.  To see a picture and read more about his name check out my sis-in-laws post on him.

Congrats Kayla and Austin!!!

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