Saturday, June 2, 2012

Our Guy

So our guy has been here about a week.  I just wanted to update you on how everyone was handling the situation.

Our Guy:
Well, over all I think he transitioned in pretty well to our family.  We sat him down with in the first 48 hours and layed down some rules and guidelines.  We also made it clear that we would not only be his last foster family, but while he was here we would consider him family.  We are having some problems but I think those were exsiting ones which his former foster family has been working on for 5 months. 

Over all I think Addilece is happy.  Our guy has been a lot more excepting of her over the last three days, playing with her more like a sibling.  He even asked her for a hug when he left for a weekend at him with his mom today.  We had a very tender hearted daughter at first.  She would cry at the drop of a hat and wanted Daddy or me and no one else.  We've seen her return back to normal lately (minus her sleeping...she is still ending up in our beds most nights).

Tony is amazing with Our Guy.  He has been doing a Bible Lesson with him every night.  He is firm but caring.  He takes special time to play games and do sports with him.  Tony's word is golden and he handles Our Guy much better than I do.  When Tony's here there are very little agruements.   

Of the four of us I think I am having the hardest time.  Our Guy struggles with lack of structure and teaching for the first 10 years of his life.  He also feels pretty entitled.  This brings a lot of disrespect from him.  I'm not even sure he realizes he is being disrespectful but he is.  If I say anything negative (ie...I don't want you to....Or I need you to stop....) I get met with a "BUT" and an argument about how he is not in the wrong. This is said pretty disrespectfully.  My husband is very wise however and has been giving me a lot of good tips on how to deal with it.  My biggest problem is keeping my emotions in check.   

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